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zhongshan Geography

Author : Date : 2013-9-10 11:48:43
Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, is located in south-central , located in the Pearl River estuary .
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Zhongshan City , Guangdong Province
Geographic coordinates: longitude 113 ° 9'2 " to 113 ° 46 ', latitude 22 ° 11'12" to 22 ° 46'35 ". Urban Habitat area of ​​1800 square kilometers, east of Shenzhen, Hong Kong across the sea, Zhongshan Hong Kong to Hong Kong, 51 sea miles ; southeast border with Zhuhai City , adjacent to Macau , Macau, 60 km to Shiqi ; west and southwest of Jiangmen City Xinhui City and Doumen County, adjacent ; the north and northwest , and Guangzhou Nansha District and Shunde phase ; saddle and large Mao and other islands located in the city throughout the Pearl River estuary things .
Zhongshan terrain contour plane and held up like a clenched fist
Zhongshan City ( 5 ) , long and narrow , narrow things short . Terrain configuration of the northern plains , central mountain region and the southern plains area. Plain area of ​​about 68% of the city area , mountainous areas account for 25% , accounting for 7% of the river . Urban Habitat is surrounded by water , within the main watercourse flows southeast from the northwest , more than 5,000 rivers and artificial drainage channels intertwined , interconnected to the vertex blurted door fan-shaped radial distribution . Zhongshan terrain in southern paraplatform based on climate change after a long and wind and rain erosion , forming what is now dominated by alluvial plains , hilly terraces scattered randomly watery terrain . Plain basement granite , is siltation Bliss level sources . The city plains area of ​​about 1242 square kilometers , divided into three pieces by the hilly : the northern plains , the range Zhangjiabian east , west town, north of Huangpu , Shiqi south to near the area of ​​over 850 square kilometers , is the city 's most extensive plains ; southern plains known as Doo Bay plains, South and southeast and Zhuhai border, near the southwest Modaomen , North and Northwest backed Wugui hilly and whitewater forest high hills, an area of ​​about 11O square kilometers, is the second largest city plains ; southwestern plains, located Modaomen middle east , an area of ​​nearly 100 square kilometers , the terrain is low , the majority below sea level , the water table is high, is the city's low-level soil distribution regions. Shoals are mainly distributed in the city throughout the east coast of southwestern coastal and river banks, and some have crossed the horizontal door outside , an area of ​​about 150 square kilometers . The city coast 26 km , on the verge Lingdingyang area, most of them are muddy coast , constantly undershoot due alluvial deposits, beach area continues to expand , the West , the North River estuary stretching out year after year , to become the new alluvial plain.
Mesa is located in the city throughout the hilly south central area of ​​about 400 square kilometers . Main vein in Black Hill , the city and the surrounding mountains form the main body of the hilly plateau , altitude and more in between 100 to 300 meters , 300 meters above the summit of more than 10 seats. Mountains ranks Zhuo Qishan , Qishan , long waist Yongsan, Dajianshan , Southern Taiwan mountain , Zhou dongkeng mountain runoff Baiyun Mountain , Black Hill , Fei Shan dong other nine columns, where Wugui highest elevation of 531 meters , Hill series than continuous , majestic terrain , southeastern slope until Zhuhai border . Penny Black Hill Mountain is located in west , west Modaomen , an area smaller than Wugui mountainous , dominated by granite basement , wind strong, high steep mountains , 300 meters above the peak 5 , the highest peak Whitewater Linda 473 meters . Penny Wugui mountains and hilly mountains , basically have vegetation cover ; development in the valley streams , large trees and bushes . Mountain hills outside , height gradually decreased , is a vast tableland hills and contours obvious , mainly in Shaxi , Zhangjiabian other towns . Mesa altitude generally between 25-50 m , weathered layer thickness , and more have been developed as orchards, upland , city throughout the cultural and economic activities , mainly concentrated in the Tropics . Rural settlements set via highway , but also more relevant with mesa .
Zhongshan exposed strata with extensive development of Cenozoic Quaternary
Sun Road Pedestrian Street ( 3 ) Lord, in the northern , central and southern outcropping Paleozoic , Mesozoic stratigraphy and northern sporadic outcropping Proterozoic Sinian ancient strata . Cenozoic Quaternary widely distributed in the territory , according to their genetic type into eluvial , alluvial layer of alluvial and marine layer laminate . Geological formations belong to the South China fold beam system in northern Guangdong , Guangdong northeast, Guangdong band 's Guangdong Depression Depression . Guangdong Depression is divided into a number of long -off beam , which Zengcheng , Zhongshan is located off the beam to Taishan Long southwest section . City in faults developed, widely distributed, clearly exposed . Can be divided according to their north-east towards the north north-east , north-west and east-west array. Folds , as much sedimentary rock outcrops , and are subject to change and break the destruction of magma intrusion , which folds more incomplete deep bay is just more obvious wrinkles , folds Yongmo groups. Mineral resources, as stratigraphic distribution is relatively simple, and therefore not rich mineral resources . Solid combustible minerals: Zhongshan peat is the only fuel deposits , located in Zhangjiabian , oil rate is generally about 10%, some as high as 16-18% . Better quality, but just 100 million tons reserves , thin topsoil , mining and low cost , available space for small-scale open-pit mining . Metallic minerals are magnetite , wolframite, tin sand , etc., are due to less reserves , low grade veins scattered mining value is not high. Construction minerals: oyster shells , a large distribution in the northern delta plain , small burial depth and thickness of up to 2-4 meters , into a strip and layered distribution , rich in calcium, one of the city's building materials used ; dominated by granite stone , mainly in the hilly area of ​​Black Hill ; kaolin , mainly in and around the city Zhangjiabian other places.
China Zhongshan drainage density is one of the larger region . By Order of the waterways and rivers satisfied the West and North runoff , the water began to rise each year in April , October and gradually decreased , flood more than six months . Northeastern North River water system is drained Hongqi Road ; Central is Sea waterway , waterways and the lower branch chicken crow Xiaolan waterways, waterways confluence injection side entrances ; western Xijiang River in Modaomen sea . There Huangpu waterways , sand Lek communicate with each other , forming a criss-cross the river area. The city's total tributary 289 , length 977.1 km .
Chicken crow main watercourse waterway north RongGui waterway north sides by Dongfeng Town , Fusha Town ; east coast north through South Town , Ma Xin Lian triple Wai Wai and China , in the Great South End and Siu waterways convergence waterway to the sea side entrances injected a total length of 33 km , 200 to 300 meters wide . The vent Xijiang waterway torrent , Zhongshan City cross became flood regions. Xiaolan Shunde waterway north Manin waterways, the Orioles Columbia City in injection nozzle . Sides via Xiaolan , Tanzania back, the port town ; East Coast via the East Phoenix , Fusha Town , the South End and the chicken in a large crow waterway waterway to the sea side entrances confluence injection . Length of 31 km , 150 to 300 meters wide . The upper reaches of the Xijiang waterway vent flooding, river sides to become a major city throughout the flood area . Cross Gate waterway access Xiaolan , chicken crow , Shiqi waterways, through Zhangjiabian , Zhongshan Port , by the side entrance to the outflow of the Pearl River Estuary . Length 12 km , breadth 800-1000 m . Chicken crow sand Lek west waterway , east through Huangpu , Triangle town boundary to Giza head stone sinks Ru Hongqi Lek , length of 10 km , 130 to 150 meters wide . Is Huangpu Town , Triangle town , people in the town of farmland irrigation and drainage river is the main waterway chicken crow drainage branch. Huangpu chicken crow waterway waterway west , east Samsung Wai mouth then Hongqili , length 11 km , 100 to 150 meters wide . Is Huangpu , South Town farmland irrigation River.
Shiqi river crossing the city throughout the central, to the northeast through the suburbs , Zhang border of the East River sluice gate injection cross waterways ; west to south through the city and Banfu ring , to West Sluice , a Beaufort , length 46 kilometers wide 80-200 m .
Northern Taiwan Creek wind and Luo Shan originated five band peak ground between the top and plum . Trunk flows north and northwest, through the betel nut Hill, SHI Ying bridge, turn west to the plum pit water out through the manger shigu tarts, South pit , purple Niwan villages , Japan Mt Tai Qi Guan road through North Terrace Bridge , injected around the lake Chau northern foothills Shiqi River. 23 km in length , 6-12 m wide . Grand Central River ( small saphenous Bay ) originated five peaks and wind Luo Shan band peaks. Trunk flows north and northeast, through the Great Village, will pit the water boy , too old house forest, the West Sam , Tai Wan Village , into the lateral door waterways. Length of 25 km , 8-15 m wide .
Zhongshan in south of the Tropic of Cancer , tropical northern margin , adequate light, calorie-rich , warm climate . Angle of solar radiation , high temperatures throughout the year , the annual amount of solar radiation was 105.3 kcal / cm2, where the scattering radiation was 57.7 kcal / cm2, the average amount of direct radiation is 45.5 kcal / cm2. Annual solar radiation is strongest in July , up to 12 kcal / cm2, the weakest of February , only 5.6 kcal / cm2. More hours of illumination sufficient, productive energy use potential . Illumination annual average 1843.5 hours , accounting for 42% of possible sunshine . Annual minimum number of illumination time in early February to early April , with an average 2.8 hours a day , most of the time from July to October , with an average 6.7 hours per day . Warm climate, four seasons should be kind , over the average temperature is 21.8 ℃. Inter-annual mean temperature changed little. Hottest year is July , the average daily temperature of 28.4 ℃; coldest month is January , the average daily temperature of 13.2 ℃. Long frost fewer frost days , the annual average of only 3.5 days . By the ocean air flow adjustment, winter climate change mitigation . Relative humidity and evaporation . Annual average relative humidity is 83 % and the maximum is 1957 was 86 % and the minimum is 1967 and 1977 was 81%. Changes during the year , May to 6 months old, in December to January smaller. Average annual evaporation is 1448.1 mm , the maximum is 1971 to 1605.1 mm , the minimum is 1965 to 1279.9 mm .
Frequent severe weather , there are winter and spring cold damage , summer, autumn typhoons , rainstorms, floods and winter cold dew wind . Chilling , sub- dry and cold , clammy two types affected by the cold north every year in January and December , there will be 24 hours more than 10 ℃ temperature drop phenomenon , and even frost. Although the annual average temperature is only seven days , but for winter potato , banana, pond and early seedling made ​​a threat , is a major rice disaster . Cold rainy weather often appear in January to early March , late spring weather usually occurs in mid-March or later . Typhoon is the most affected by severe weather , according to statistics, the average annual losses caused typhoon 3-7 times the average annual loss of 1.3 times serious . Typhoon invasion in July to September most. Rain and more appear in the April to September , accounting for 90% of annual rain . Storm flood season rainfall of 1443.5 mm , accounting for 82% of total annual rainfall . Cold dew wind around solar terms , the annual September 20 to October 20 , between the average temperature ≤ 23 ℃, ≥ 3天as a continuous process . Since 1954 , there cold dew wind year accounted for 70%.

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