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wuhan Brief introduction

Author : Date : 2013-9-27 14:53:06
 Wuhan [ 1 ] , also known as the "River City " , the largest city in central China , China National regional central cities , under the Chinese Hubei, is the capital of Hubei province , deputy provincial cities in central China 's largest city and center of the city , the Yangtze River city group central city of Wuhan city circle core of the city , the State Council positioning strategic fulcrum of central China city , [ 9 ] national Technology Insurance pilot cities [ 10 ] and integrated national science and technology innovation base [ 11 ] , China 's economic geographic center of the Yangtze River river shipping logistics centers [ 12 ] international inland shipping port city [ 13 ] , in the eastern Midwest radiation driven development of an important center of the city , [ 14 ] in the eastern Midwest radiation driven development of important urban centers , has developed into has a certain influence on the international city , with East Chicago said. [ 15 ] .
By the Republic of China , the birthplace of Wuchang , [ 16 ] Modern China metropolis Hankou , Hanyang, the birthplace of China's modern industry for the formation of the three merged , under the jurisdiction of seven central city and six new city.
Jiangshan world first floor - Wuchang Yellow Crane Tower
Chu is romantic, Huang elegant historical and cultural city shook the world , historically glorious Uprising resort, but also Aoyama clear water , livable city of Riverside , trade and prosperity , businesses Changlong modern city [ 17 ] .
Wuhan is China's important base for scientific research and education , the country second only to Beijing , Shanghai , the third largest science center city [ 7 ] , a comprehensive national high-tech industry base, national optoelectronic information industry base, national bio- industry base, national digital publishing base . Wuhan has always been known as the " thoroughfare of nine provinces " of the land , is China's largest inland surface and air transportation hub. It is located in Beijing, Shanghai , Guangzhou, Chengdu , Xi'an and other major cities in China about 1,000 km , is China's economic geography of the " heart" , with east and west, north and south to communicate , to maintain the role of the Quartet . The unique geographical advantages created a unique transportation advantage. Beijing-Guangzhou , Beijing-Kowloon , Wu nine , Han Dan four railway lines, as well as the Beijing-Zhuhai , Lu Rong , etc. 6 National Road at this intersection , water has formed a " Lunar one, through rivers and seas ," the passenger and freight network , Wuhan, Hong Kong is China's Yangtze River watershed important hub port and open ports . [ 4 ]
Wuhan is the world's most water -rich mega-cities , in addition to the Yangtze River , Hanjiang River intersection in the city , the municipal districts there are 166 lakes , it is also named after the 100 Lake City , the city's total land area, water area of 1/4, constitute Wuhan magnificent flavor and Riverside Lake aquatic environment [ 18 ] .
As early as a hundred years ago , Sun Yat-sen in the " nation-building strategy ", the description of Wuhan is the "communication to the top of the ocean water point plan , China 's central headquarters railway system , China 's most important commercial center ." He conceived , Wuhan to build " a little like New York , London, great ." In 2007, the United States, " National Geographic " magazine Wuhan included in the " world's top ten cities list," become the new China 's first list of Chinese cities. [ 19 ] by the end of 2012 Wuhan City built-up area is 520 square kilometers , by the end of 2012 Wuhan City built urban resident population of 620 million people.

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