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shunde city Administrative divisions

Author : Date : 2013-9-11 11:29:26
 Shunde District exempted (4 Street: leliu streets, Lunjiao Street, RONGGUI, Daliang Street. 6 Town: Junan, Xingtan, Longjiang Town, Lecong, Beijiao, Cunzhen); Shunde, which is the district seat of government of the street;
Shunde, located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland, north of Guangzhou, south near Hong Kong and Macao, an area 806 square kilometers, most of the territory of the river flood plains, rivers staggered, fertile land, mild climate, abundant rainfall. Shunde county built in the Ming Jingtai three years (1452), in 1992 a county city, 2003 evacuated the city area. Region dominates four streets, six towns; 108 administrative villages, 92 residential areas; household population of 120 million people, 89 million floating population. With nearly 500,000 Shunde Ji Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese.

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