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Zhuhai History

Author : Date : 2013-9-13 13:49:19
 As early as 45 years ago , there are the original settlers in Zhuhai land development, reproduction, haunt, Spring and Autumn Period , Chu
  Zhuhai opposite the Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau
Haiti belonged Baiyue , 221 years ago under the South instruct county Panyu County , Han , Zhao Tuo accounted for Tri-County, himself king , built south of the country , the Zhuhai area is south of the country . Western Han Dynasty Yuan Ding six years ( 111 BC ) rehabilitation home Namhae-gun , Zhuhai, South China Sea region is a county Panyu County land. CHEN Jin belongs to Dongguan county , Baoan County under the Sui Dynasty , Tang Dynasty under the jurisdiction of Dongguan County . Was established in this paper along mountain farm village township, is the earliest Xiangshan administrative agency. After the Song Dynasty , because there is salt and silver mining boom began in the town of Xiangshan mountain farm village setting . To Shaoxing two years ( 1152 ) set Xiangshan County, under the Guangzhou government .
Along the Yuan , Ming and Qing Dynasties . Ming Shan built the first city , known as "front cottage " is a military fortress , but also responsible for Macao and the former Hill administration, foreign affairs . 1553 , the Portuguese occupied Macau, gradually developed into something of trade, cultural exchange center , a large number of immigrants moving into the neighboring Zhuhai , After the Revolution , Xiangshan County under the Guangdong Province . April 15, 1925 to commemorate Sun Yat-sen was renamed Zhongshan County . Office of the Commissioner under the first Chief Inspector . From 1930 to 1934 the county government is located in Zhongshan Tang . October 30, 1949 , Zhuhai inland areas liberated. August 3, 1950 Wanshan Islands island regions liberated. January 1951 , drawn from Zhongshan County beheaded angle , Chung Hau mountain , mountains islands, Qiao , aside from Dongguan County Wanqingsha , five Bay, a Bay, Longxuedao ( now belong to the Nansha District, Guangzhou ) , aside from the Baoan County Neilingding , solid E , Shekou , Yantian, Wailingding Island, Jia Peng archipelago composed of people's Government of Guangdong Province, the Pearl Island Authority partition , later renamed the Pearl Island Area management Office , the agency under the Pearl River ( Zhujiang management District was built in 1952 , set up in 1992 Guangzhou Pearl River management District . Zhujiang Overseas Chinese Farm has returned SUCCESS Commission, the Provincial Administration of Overseas Chinese , Guangzhou City Administration and other farm management, in February 2008 , the Pearl River management District , Guangzhou City, revocation , establishment of Nansha District, Guangzhou Pearl street office, Wanqingsha , five Bay, a Bay, Longxuedao now belong to the Nansha District, Guangzhou ) . December 1952 , the establishment of Zhongshan County fishermen area, management now Zhuhai Xiangzhou , Tang Wanshan Islands , Lema and other coastal areas , the district government in the Tang . July 1952 , handed over to the island Management Office , Zhongshan County , the same year in October in the town of Tang established fishermen District People's Government , manage 48 small islands and bays . In order to strengthen the sea border management , the development of agriculture and fisheries production, approved by the State Council , on 20 April 1953 , Zhuhai County was established , from Zhongshan, Dongguan, Baoan aside part of the coastal area and more than 140 islands, set up Zhuhai County, the county site located in Tangjiawan , under the Administrative Office in Guangdong . Zhuhai has since been an independent administrative institution .
1955 Zhuhai designated as border area, set up on the Bay, the next gate border checkpoints and border resident card issued , by the end of 1956 , dismantling and large rural and Cui Wei Zhongshan County , Kang Ji , building shell , the next gate , Kwun Tong , East Coast six small rural counties included in Zhuhai . October 1958 set up communes and villages , the county will soon become a big commune. March 1959 , Zhongshan, Zhuhai , Zhongshan County .8 merged committee was established in Zhuhai . April 1961 , restored Zhuhai County formed , the county seat in Sweetland . March 1979 , the State Council approved the establishment of Zhuhai City , March 5, 1979 , Zhuhai County to provincial cities establishment. August 26, 1980 , the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone . Consists of an area ( Tang ) , the Second District ( former Hill ) , three zones ( Zao ) , four districts ( Wanqingsha , now a part of Nansha District, Guangzhou ) . August 1980 and fifth National People's Congress Standing two -fifth meeting approved the establishment of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone . First area of ​​6.81 square kilometers , DC , in 1983 expanded to 15.16 square kilometers , 1988 expanded to 121 square kilometers . May 1983 , was placed under Zhuhai Doumen County Municipality . June 1984 , in the original scope of jurisdiction established Zhuhai County Xiangzhou District , for the county an establishment. Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, after the territory governed by a red flag , Pincha farm was placed under Zhuhai , Zhuhai Special Economic Zone was established in 2010 is the 30th anniversary .
  Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue
Zhuhai is located in the sea border , the history of all military fortress. Southern Song Dynasty, the Yuan army at war with the Song of the land . Tianqi reign ( 1621 ) official as "system Macau barbarians " ( refers to occupy Macau Portugal ) to create a new front mountain village, known as "front cottage" , the Senate will be set up house , sent by land, nearly 2,000 sailors stationed . Mid-17th century , mountains , East Australian waters is a foreign invasion , frequent wars of the land, in the East Australian island to establish blunderbuss city garrison troops . Qing dynasty, the Qing government to implement Boycott , Macao guard against . Qiao Qing Dynasty set up in the fort , the Qing dynasty nineteen years ( 1839 ) , Lin Ren imperial envoy , Chi Fu Guangdong coast opium ban , Xiangshan County, the former cottage shuaibing to inspect deployed to strengthen this area , and in the Qing dynasty twenty-one ( 1841 ) in Northridge Lion build forts, troops stationed there. Thirteen years Guangxu ( 1887 ) formally established Gongbei customs, according to Portugal Beijing unequal treaties , the creation of Gongbei . Former fortress garrison reduced gradually became fortresses trade marketplaces and residential areas.
Macau originally Xiangshan County jurisdiction , early in Jiajing thirty-six years ( 1557 ) to the mid-18th century , the Portuguese fort built in Macao successively . Opium War , the Portuguese fort for the United Kingdom , tapping my closing , intrusion Beaconsfield , Qing retreat , the first loss of Macao 's military control. Qing dynasty, twenty-nine ( 1849 ) for the expansion of Australia Governor Armagh La Land , opened Chi Road , wanton trampling former mountain farmland and destroying graves for farmers Shen Lung Tin Yami killed , the Portuguese took the opportunity to provoke a war , in the Qing dynasty, two nineteen years ( 1849 ) occupied Macau look Tsuen ; Qing Xianfeng ( 1851 ) occupation of Taipa Island, the Qing Tongzhi three years ( 1864 ) occupation Coloane ; Qing Tongzhi six years ( 1867 ) occupation Patane and sand hill villages ; clear five years Guangxu ( 1879 ) occupation long Tamura ; Qing dynasty eleven years ( 1887 ) March 26 signing of the so-called Kyoto four in Portugal , " Portuguese Conference grass Testament" ; signed in Beijing in December the same year, the so-called " Sino-Portuguese Treaty " five fourteen models ; Tongzhi thirteen years ( 1874 ) Portugal built in Gongbei Border Gate , which is the Portuguese occupation of Chinese territory to witness history.
Zhuhai in the Pearl River estuary in the southwest of the South China Sea because of Pearl River flows into place the name. Song ago, Northwest River Delta coastal line is Black Hill ( now Zhongshan City, the territory ) , north of the whole territory of Zhuhai in the Pearl River estuary scattered outside the secluded island.
Zhuhai names provenance legend about a lot, but the most withstand scrutiny should also be given to interpretation from a geographic perspective . Zhuhai waters between the Tang and Ling Ding Yang , ancient by the local residents called " Zhuhai ." In the " Down Genealogy" , someone named " Don Zhuhai " ( Ming Yongle period ) . Early Years Primary Tang Sanfeng " anthem " in its lyrics of " front ring Zhuhai , after the pillow goose peak " of the sentence . Already have seen this sea " Zhuhai " said. Therefore, when the county built , called " Zhuhai ."
In addition, there is a beautiful legend , the Tang Dynasty , there was a merchant from the Arab Muslims here in windy rollover , the ship has a large number of jewelry. After the accident a long time, people can also groan jewels from the sea , then known here in Zhuhai .
SAR change
August 26, 1980 , formally announced the establishment of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone was approved by the SAR area of ​​6.8 square kilometers . June 29, 1983 , the State Council approved to expand the scope of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone 15.16 km2 ; expanded again in 1988 to 121 square kilometers. 2009 , Hengqin Zhuhai Special Economic Zone into the scope of the total area of ​​Zhuhai Special Economic Zone expanded to 227.46 square kilometers . August 26, 2010 , the State Council approved the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone to expand the scope of the city , the SAR expansion from October 1, 2010 come into force.

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