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Yinchuan disposable paper cup and bad are intermingled of market difficult to reach national standard

Author : Date : 2013-1-10 16:02:00
 June 1, 2012 on, by the state quality inspection administration and the national standard committee issued paper cup national standard formal implementation. The standard is put forward for the first time, paper cups "edge distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup, the cup bottom body within 10 mm" should be printed pattern, and shall not use recycling raw materials production paper cups. January 8, the reporter in the yinchuan stores, restaurants and paper cups wholesale market visit found that, although the standard put forward more than half a year, but many paper cups printed pattern more cover the whole cup body, because of the tile price is uneven, leading to the individual paper cups quality closes nevertheless, if according to the new national standard to judge, most belong to "substandard" products.
Market: most of the information detailed but the shade pattern "difficult to reach national standard
In yinchuan new hundred even super, countries such as aromatic parkson supermarket sales of paper cups, outer packing label the use, production factory name, address, QS certification, standards, material, grade, guarantee period and other related information, more detailed.
In these paper cups instructions, the product characteristic, wrote "the food made of pure wood pulp PE card design, high temperature resistant, not easy leakage", "juvenile wood pulp paper, no fluorescence, no bleaching, no peculiar smell" "cup body stiff and smooth, easy to handle to use" statement. Most of the cup body print was full of all kinds of design, some design edge to edge, some even are "body" is printed on the design, the reporter on the shelves paper cups contrast once, printing position can reach the national standard of but not much.
"Get hand feel thick, design good will do." In yinchuan new hundred even super shopping of DingDaMa tells a reporter, oneself in the choose and buy paper cups, paid little attention to the relevant quality certification standards, more do not know the provisions of national standard for paper cups and said, because it is one-time, so I hope the price is cheaper.
Wholesale market: quality is uneven mark not all difficult to reach the quality standard
In the wholesale market of disposable paper cup as the price levels, the quality is uneven.
On the same day, reporters in yinchuan Oriental mall, the paper cups wholesale on the stand see, mostly is fifty a pack or a pack of 100 to 100 a pack of as an example, the price from 6 yuan to eighteen dollars, the price is low the manufacturer only simple information, some even QS mark all have no. Price taller paper cup logo will be detailed information relative to some, but printed pattern can achieve "gb" but no the trace.
"Our market is very good, are generally restaurant to the group." A registration admitted, sell paper cups though no quality certification marks, but the price is cheap, so it was welcome by the restaurant.
Reporter in the interview found that to promote the enterprise image, some restaurants with paper cups are made of special design, most of the paper cup cup body are design, isn't in line with "gb" standard.
Consumer advocates: to the health of consumer business shall comply with the national standard
According to LingWuShi disappear assist MaYaoZhong secretary general introduction, the paper cup national standards are of the greatest concern is first put forward the requirement of printing position, the rules of paper cup outside printing design should outline clear, colour and lustre is uniform, no obvious discoloration, but 'edge distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup, the cup bottom body within 10 mm should not be printing ". "Edge place no printing is the protection of the consumer. MaYaoZhong stressed. At present domestic no food grade ink concept, nor can be used for food contact printing ink. When water lips close contact, printed pattern of ink may be intake, especially including benzene ink to more adverse health. At the same time in the cups, cup bottom have printed pattern, also easy to rub the color another cup's on the wall, so the bottom also requires not printing.
Therefore, yinchuan consumer advocates warn broad customer, buy paper cup, the first to see if there is a QS certification marks, and to see paper cups paper color, close to the log should be themselves, and the white is after bleaching process. Of course also smell whether have peculiar smell, the last is the basis of the "paper cups close distance cup body within 15 mm from the cup, the cup bottom body 10 mm inside, should be printed pattern" national standard to choose the high quality paper cups.

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