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What about level chef hat

Author : Date : 2014-12-26 16:12:38
 No matter where we see the chefs wearing a chef hat, a lot of people may feel funny exaggerated, 
also will
 think of when chefs this career in health considerations, will bring a hat like that. In fact, the chef chef hat and an interesting history.

It is said that 200 years ago, and a French chef character more humor, and is a more exhibitionist. Once he saw himself in the hotel guests 
 a high, white hat prefers, then oneself also did a top, but he did the hat than the guestis much higher. When he took his hat and out,
 attracted the guests laugh not to, and since then his hotel business, is also getting better and better. Because of this, other hotel chefs 
have also
 followed suit, as time passes, the chefsnaturally brought high white chef hat.

Now, the International Association of chefs cook with chef hats have unified regulation. Chef, chef, there is a kitchenin a chef hat is 29.5 cm. 
Height of all
 chefs requirements chef hat is 25 cm. For ordinary kitchen in the kitchen workers, highly wearing a hat is a little more than ten cm.
 So there is a chef hat level, we can see that cooks the level of identity.

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