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Upstream paper enterprise development key words: merger!

Author : Date : 2013-1-1 17:59:40
 So far, "forest paper integration" ideas are proposed for twenty years, is still a beautiful dream; The core manufacturing equipment localization way is still far away, The traditional distribution system sales mode is difficult to rely on short-term breakthroughs. Product differentiation marketing strategy can only in the moonshine stage... As a result, for papermaking enterprise speaking, against the meager profit era of imperial carte Blanche only "merger".
The papermaking industry concentration ascending seems to have become China's paper industry development upgrade the only way. Global markets, the papermaking industry concentration can not only help to improve China's paper industry gain greater global pulp paper raw material pricing right, but also helps to concentrate more on production, improve the scale benefit, standardizing price competition system, to avoid price war, will cost pressure downstream transfer, at the same time, also complies with the countries do not group on the introduction of the elimination of backward production capacity, promote energy conservation and emission reduction in environmental policy.
No matter whether we like to admit, industry competition in the market development has come to selection, integration, restructuring stage, how to promote the enterprise internal core competitiveness, and in this deadly knockouts become the final winner, will be the future 2 ~ 3 years papermaking business owners are urgent need to consider the problem.

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