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The main task of the plastic packaging industry

Author : Date : 2014-4-3 16:12:28
 The main task of the plastic packaging industry is the development of new plastic molding equipment , and gradually narrow the gap with foreign manufacturers , and in the market with rival. Plastic packaging business to change the way business development , business to stand up a new starting point to examine and resolve these contradictions and problems to the scientific development concept, the development of the concept of change , strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness, promote effective corporate development.
Europe and the United States is the world's plastic packaging industry's most developed countries attach great importance to research and development of advanced packaging machinery. According to the Secretary-General of the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Luo Baihui , United States and Europe wide variety of packaging machinery , advanced equipment , but in order to be able to adapt to the competitive international market , they also continue to research and develop more advanced plastic packaging machinery and equipment .
In such a situation , China's packaging machinery industry enterprises should adhere to the " going out" strategy , actively expand foreign markets. Luo Hui pointed out that domestic packaging machinery industry enterprises should take the offensive operations , and actively participate in international or cross- industry cooperation between enterprises , mergers go through overseas investment , the acquisition of foreign companies , digestion and absorption of its advanced technology as soon as possible localization , and thus enhance the international status of China's packaging machinery industry.
Booming processing services to stimulate market demand for packaging machinery , which provides a good opportunity for China packaging machinery suppliers. Compete with U.S. and European companies in China's packaging machinery companies figure has begun to emerge . China is the world 's largest production base of plastic , but the plastic packaging industry in the upper reaches of plastic packaging machinery industry , is basically dominated by imported equipment .

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