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The level of significance of the existence of chef hat

Author : Date : 2014-12-29 14:15:22
When we have come to some large restaurant kitchen, in addition to be attracted by the kitchen in the hot working scene outside, but also on the chefs head color white hat have full interest. Because the chef's hat there are a lot of high hat is exaggerated. Hot work scene plus funny chef hat become more vivid contrast. Here is that, wearing the chefs cook cap is a certain significance.
Consider the first, from the aspect of health
Because the restaurant industry is now the higher demand on the health, even a hair transferred to do a good job in the food will also was guest complaints. Therefore, after the chefs are wearing a chef's hat, can avoid the hair or dandruff fall into the meal, this is a kind of occupation moral performance.
Second, the chef's identity can be determined
For those with more experience, a relatively high level of cook cook, wearing a chef's hat has some high relative. Chef hat specific can be divided into chef chef hat, ordinary chef hat, kitchen workers wearing a chef's hat. For those just entering the kitchen kitchen workers, wearing a chef's hat at the height of 10-10.5 cm range. When promoted to chef, chef hat worn height is 25 cm. In a hotel in the kitchen chef, height with the chef's hat is 29.5 cm.

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