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The effect of food packaging

Author : Date : 2014-1-18 23:50:29
 Food has always been more like people , food packaging is more important.
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1 . Protect food and extend the shelf life of food
( 1 ) to protect the appearance of food quality produce some economic benefits
Food throughout the distribution process , to go through the transportation , handling, transport and storage , easy to cause damage to the appearance quality of the food , the food after , packaging, food can be well protected to avoid damage.
( 2 ) the protection of the original food quality, extend the shelf life of food
The food distribution process , it will change and the deterioration of quality .
Food itself has a certain nutrients and water, which is the basic condition of bacteria, mold , yeast and other production breeding , when the temperature of food preservation suitable for their breed , they cause food spoilage . If performed using aseptic food packaging or packaging pasteurized , frozen and other processed foods will prevent the occurrence of corruption , extending the shelf life of food.
Meanwhile , some of the water with the food itself , when the moisture content of these changes, will result in changes in the flavor of food or deterioration . If appropriate proof packaging technology will be able to prevent the occurrence of these phenomena , but also effectively extend the shelf life of food.
Further , when the flow of food by direct sunlight and when the light and at high temperature , are easy to make food oxidation . Color, taste and other phenomena, such as using the corresponding vacuum packaging , inflatable packaging technologies and corresponding packaging materials. Also can effectively extend the shelf life of packaged food .
2 easy flow of food packaging
Some packaged food containers in circulation . If bottled alcoholic beverages , a sense of canning , milk and other farm equipment , these packaging bottles, cans and bags as packaging containers. Also the food distribution and marketing of a shift . It gives food distribution has brought great convenience
3 . Increased convenience food varieties, some consumers convenience convenience foods , with local flavor, it can be carried out only after packaging in circulation . Make exchanges around the famous food , the kind of people to increase their daily food .
Again, fresh food, such as the frozen dumplings , wrapped servings and preservation techniques , you can easily eat people
4 . Prevent contamination of food cooking convenience foods, use of special packaging technology
When the flow of food , container and manpower to be in contact with , easy to make food contamination through food packaging after the occurrence of this phenomenon can be avoided , in favor of the health of consumers .
5. Procure food distribution is reasonable and planned
Some fresh food, easy to spoilage, easy to transport the far side , such as fruits and aquatic products , made ​​from a variety of canned in origin , can reduce waste, reduce transportation costs, and promote food distribution Bear rationality and planning .
6. Promote competition in the food , increase food sales

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