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Test methods cake cups on the production process

Author : Date : 2014-5-28 17:47:30
 We produce paper cups cake making process among the production of technical inspection , and some of the requirements are the need to have some way of introduction , I hope we use paper cups cake when you know some of these tests ways. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous , because the production quality and testing methods for the production of paper cups very important.
For example , during the production process of paper cups cake , physical and chemical indicators of foreign matter or not , the most important thing is to collect a number of heavy metals is very harmful to people's health , or some lead substances testing, suspended in water drink bleaching alkyl inspection has experience making paper measuring time, if none of the harmful inorganic or some small organic molecules words. Detecting the fluorescent substance contained therein mainly into the paper containing the control , with a lot of the content of harmful substances in the bleaching .
So, we use paper cups cake production , it must examine ways to understand some of the production process on the cake cups , so we must be understanding of this knowledge is of .

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