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Take off "gorgeous" coat paper cups, how to help guangzhou paper cups factory welcome the development

Author : Date : 2012-11-12 22:57:31
 Take off "gorgeous" coat paper cups, how to help guangzhou paper cups factory welcome the development
Money.fjsen.com 2012-11-09 took sources: network information me two sentences
Yesterday, guangzhou baiyun KangBao paper cups factory yellow factory director to tell us, say their paper cups factory, in the new national standard practice after the production adjustment, and now finally usher in to the new economic growth. Nowadays, paper cups industry there are many shoddy paper cups workshop to inferior products down the paper cups sales market, in this market chaos, KangBao paper cups is how to adjust for economic growth, let us look at what is.
Paper cups new gb after implementation of the struggle
The new national standard for paper cups production put forward more strict requirements, 1. Close distance cup body within 15 mm, cup bottom pitch cup body within 10 mm should not be printed. 2. Not artificial add fluorescent whitening agent. 3. Want to use environmental protection ink, the past a lot of manufacturers are using contain benzene and toluene and poisonous solvent ink. 4. Paper cups should not have peculiar smell, its bottom and side all should not be the water and water penetration.
Yellow factory director concern paper cups new gb finally introduced, his production of paper cups quality does not worry, because they are the production of disposable paper cups all strictly sorting, above a few are no problem, but paper cups printing requirements let him anxious. Although the production of paper cups with soybean oil ink, paper cups will not affect health. But the national standard for printing requirements to reduce printing surface, but we'd better pin of a few paper cups are printed beautiful pattern, also because of the beautiful "splendor" to let us paper cups so popular, but it out paper cups provisions. Yellow factory director anxious, this layer "splendor" want to take off, off again afraid influence sales, not to take off again afraid not qualified.
Paper cups design change
After a month, the company was production of beautiful printing disposable paper cup also fast pin out. The next production task is waiting for yellow factory arrangement, a month, like some manufacturer is still in the sale pattern of the paper cups, we continue to produce or modified? Hesitate medium yellow factory director decided to do a new gb paper cups sales, also had decided. Then press the row personnel immediately to paper cups printing design change, more less printing surface. Can hard work the design personnel continuous work overtime, drawing a sure, yellow factory director let production line.
New disposable paper cup out, although there is no the layer "splendor", but simple and generous. And yellow the factory director put these new paper cup into market sales.
The unexpected effect
"I'm really concerned about, so many human resources put in production of this paper cups, haven't seen before compare normal manufacturer change, my in the mind a little worried, because the old brand, if changed, customers don't buy account, I true budget wrong." Fortunately, yellow factory director and no budget wrong, paper cups in each big supermarket shelf, sales have been very good, than in the past a few "splendor" paper cups also good pin, because the more environmental protection, simple, quality better than ever. Received effect, the company also introduced a number of high quality family put environmental protection paper cups, paper plate, paper bowl, and also got very good sales. Yellow factory director finally relieved, originally do the rest assured health paper cup is the most important.
Another channel opened
KangBao paper cups before factory to a lot of big customer to do a lot of advertising paper cups, in the design and production of advertising paper cups have good reputation. But since our environmental protection gb paper cups after launch, more companies to make a phone call to? Advertising paper cups, also have made business brand milk tea cups and coffee cups. Some customers even said, is in the supermarket to see KangBao brand paper cups is better is to call the inquiry. Order is much, of course the economic growth.
In conversation, yellow factory director secretly tell us, paper cups change after production, design exquisite careful, elegant, but with less ink, we reduce the costs, the price preferential benefit customers, also had and inferior paper cups workshop competition space. Is a win-win!
We also sincerely wish KangBao paper cups plant grown for us to produce more high-quality environmental paper cups!

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