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Recovery of energy saving and environmental protection - cake Cup Cake industry use

Author : Date : 2014-11-25 13:01:20
 We now have to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, of course for cake industry is no exception. The cake industry how to achieve energy saving and environmental protection? It is in the recovery of cake paper cup use started.
Now our living standard has been greatly improved, people pay more and more attention to their quality of life, followed by the people pay more attention to your birthday is also more and more, whether it is saved for the elderly, or children now, every year birthday, each family every year to buy a few cakes. This gave us the problem is how to deal with so many cake cups?
In fact, our cake paper cup can be completely recycled, if cake cups recycling back into a cake paper people can not accept it, to reclaim the cake cups can be used to make other things, such as packing box, wine box and so on these into direct contact with food packaging.
Recovery of cake cup machine can bring a lot of savings for our industry, has made great contribution to the sustainable development we advocate.

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