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Paper tableware: when will say goodbye to the safe hidden trouble

Author : Date : 2013-6-23 22:25:21
 On June 1, in the paper cups, paper bowl, paper boxes, implemented three national standards, the first anniversary of the international food packaging association of Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong 16 large supermarket sales of paper cups, tea cups, paper bowl of instant noodles and fans of the survey, part of the paper tableware remained safe hidden trouble on the market, li riceses leave the outer layer of paper need to be improved. The outermost layers at the same time, paper products, such as li riceses leave using light oil also has hidden dangers, to be attention.
Paper quality is improved
Last year, according to food industry experts, on June 1, the paper cups paper bowl, paper boxes, formally executed three paper products of national standard, should allow paper cups, paper bowl, paper boxes, etc. Only without the present situation of the national standard, industry standard on paper products enterprises put forward the safety requirements and environmental requirements, make the consumers of health care has a legal basis. "Although the paper boxes (GB/T27589-2011)," cups "(GB/T27590-2011)," the paper bowl "(GB/T27591-2011) is only recommended national standards, but to guarantee the quality of the paper cups, paper bowl, paper boxes and greatly improve its security has a special meaning." Experts say.
"The first year of relevant national standard implementation, overall quality has improved paper cups, paper bowl, paper boxes." Famous food safety and environmental protection experts, international food packaging association executive vice President and secretary general, according to dong jinshi international food packaging association of currently on the market of paper cups, paper bowl, paper boxes and other paper products quality were investigated. Survey found that the cups on the market most product is according to the requirements of national standard "within 15 mm from the bowl at the top and the bottom of a cup body within 10 mm should not be printing" have been adjusted.
With paper cup for milk tea, brands such as superior happy beauty, nor shall be carried out in accordance with the national standards or the print space, and inner layer and outer layer of milk tea cup all USES the food grade paper.
Paper bowl forward to say goodbye to the fluorescent substance
International food packaging association also in Beijing, guangdong, Shanghai 3 to 16 big supermarkets 20 brands of li riceses leave packaging fluorescence tests have been carried out. , according to dong jinshi in paper packaging of li riceses leave survey, staff will buy the sample of the outer paper uncover, according to GB/T5009.78-2003 "hygienic standards for food packaging paper analysis method, fluorescence using ultraviolet lamp irradiation experiments, the results found that unity, doll face, taste, farmers heart the four brands of instant noodles bowl paper packaging is natural white light under ultraviolet light irradiation, do not contain fluorescent material, but there are many brands of instant noodles, paper bowl lateral has a fluorescent substance. Which samples in the supermarkets in Beijing area found that many brands of braise in soy sauce beef noodles, hot cabbage noodles, sour soup with noodles, pork bone surface such as a number of varieties of instant noodles paper bowl lateral has a fluorescent substance. "Last year the international food packaging association has carried on the survey of instant noodles paper bowl of fluorescent material, in the large vibration caused by the instant noodles industry, many well-known brands have subsequently paper bowl of instant noodles were improved, make instant noodles to enhance the quality and safety of paper bowl. Compared to a 2012 survey, from the survey, currently on the market sales of paper bowl quality has improved." Dong jinshi, explains now li riceses leave the inner packaging must not contain any fluorescent material has become a consensus, but paper bowl of instant noodles both inner and outer are looking forward to completely farewell fluorescent substances. "The survey found that some brands of instant noodles, paper bowl lateral still detect the fluorescence phenomenon. Although for li riceses leave outer paper, at present there is no specific provisions in the state standards, but because of li riceses leave belongs to food packaging, outer paper direct contact with the person's mouth, is directly related to human health and safety, so from the health point of view of consumers, to protect the safety of consumers, to a great extent advises companies to replace outer paper also with best food grade paper or make the enterprise standard to control the quality of the paper." Dong jinshi said.
Light oil concerns need to be attention
Dong jinshi, points out that in addition to li riceses leave inner and outer paper problem, the outermost layer of light oil has also been a li riceses leave existing health concerns. Expert explanation, look closely, it is not difficult to find that generally MianWan the outermost layer is very bright, light oil means the shiny material. "Product increase light oil reservoir's main aim is to avoid ink. Direct contact with human body ink smell great, now a lot of enterprise is to isolate with a layer of light oil, but doing so adds new problems, and in fact a mixture of light oil is a kind of complicated composition, whether every material met food-grade requirements is not clear at present." Dong jinshi, points out that our country has no standards of food run out of oil, but considering the consumers to use li riceses leave with your hands and drink soup could contact directly to the outer layer of light oil, so the light oil should also conform to the requirements of the food grade. "Light oil is a big problem actually, the outermost layer of light oil used hidden problem to be seriously", an unnamed the personage inside course of study introduces, light oil is widely used nowadays, besides li riceses leave, many ordinary paper cups, tea cups, coffee cup, food packaging, such as hamburgers and other kinds of paper products used in outer light oil. From already know, in the light oil contains a variety of different components, including more than 30 kinds of chemicals, some of them belong to the possible carcinogenic substances.
The reporter understands, in terms of materials, light oil as natural, synthetic and wax, etc. Different types have different USES different kinds of light oil, light oil is the main function of glazing, toning, isolation, can increase the printed word the glossiness, water resistance and abrasion resistance. "In addition to the isolation of inks, does not rule out some of the companies want to packing product more beautiful, goodlooking and propaganda enterprise image and the use of light oil." Industry insiders said.
Dong jinshi that light oil should conform to the requirements of the food-grade, be badly in need of the corresponding national standards come on stage. Recommended national standards formulated department produce food grade standard light oil, light oil, health performance, physical and chemical indicators for specific requirements and limits, etc. Some in the industry, stressed that in the current national standard is not perfect circumstances, light oil production enterprises should formulate enterprise standard and for the record, in order to control the quality of the product. In light oil does not belong to new substance in food production, manufacture, use, be careful to use, and to the national health in time

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