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Paper products is not the white color more health

Author : Date : 2012-12-3 12:17:31
 Food packaging material is daily use frequently, consumption bigger articles for daily use. Recent city disappear is protected appoint to this city supermarket, restaurant, and other enterprises used in plastic boxes (holder), plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic bowl, paper cups, paper boxes, eat bobbin and plastic and paper food packaging materials were compared test. The client's 100 samples, 96 pieces of conform to the standard, percent of pass is 96%, the overall situation is good. Does not conform to the main index for evaporation residue (4% acetic acid), fluorescence material.
Evaporation residue is aimed at plastic products, it is to point to 4% acetic acid, 65% ethanol, n-hexane and water of 4 kinds of different solution, the simulation plastic products in use process in vinegar, and wine and oil and water of the liquid precipitation the possibility of residue. If the use of raw materials in the production of poor quality or inappropriate use of additive, part of the material it could be in contact with the liquid transfer out, and residue and residue of heavy metals in the existence of the chemical material such as to human body health adverse effects, especially to children and adolescents chips are more influence. In addition, the residue of food color, aroma, taste a direct impact.
In addition, fluorescence material not as general chemical components easy to be broken up, may be in direct contact with food adsorption and accumulation in the body, which greatly cut the human body immunity, endanger human body health. According to expert analysis, fluorescence material exceeds the main reasons are three points: one is the individual manufacturers in order to save the cost use recycled paper; The second is in violation of the relevant provisions of the food packaging paper use print paper; Three is to give the packaging paper whitening and joined the fluorescent whitening agent.
Disappear is protected appoint warns a citizen, when choosing paper products, a look at the appearance, the color of the products is not the white the health, some manufacturers in order to make our products look more white, in base paper put the fluorescent whitening agent; The second is the smelling, with primary pulp manufacture food paper products should be no peculiar smell; Three is to see printing, try to choose simple graphics or colour does not bright products, can try to use finger touch once printing design, if there are color fall off, product may exist quality hidden trouble.

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