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Paper packaging boxes of food is more likely to be the priority of consumers to buy

Author : Date : 2016-5-30 10:02:43
 "When we buy food, we usually attract and decide to buy it?" Presumably a lot of people have ignored this issue. A few days ago, there is an authoritative investigation agencies in seven countries of the European consumer survey report shows that they buy food, the use of paper packaging products are more likely to be the priority of consumers to buy.
Packaging industry pointed out that the paper food packing box is green packaging at present people. There are many advantages in saving energy, saving resources and respect. On the international market, food packaging paper has come of age.
At present, foreign food packaging paper box application is very extensive, foreigners like to use paper as the various items of the packing box, we like to see drama, English drama friends can be found, in the supermarket food market, breakfast shop everyone is holding very simple kraft paper bag packing. Technology in foreign developed countries developed their paper packaging printing technology development has the following features: monolayer material to develop in the direction of multilayer materials; offset, gravure, flexo, screen printing printing methods coexist and flexographic printing will grow the fastest; sheet fed to roll paper, single machine to develop in the direction of on-line production; relevant new technology application, such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, and continuously optimize the whole production system, paper packing box production process more simple and convenient.

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