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Paper cups paper bowl cause thinking: food safety information released to the who?

Author : Date : 2013-1-3 18:29:44
 August,, international food packaging association issued "food packaging products quality survey report, says the instant noodles barrel, milk tea cup, disposable paper cup, paper bowl, according to the results of investigation of the famous brand of double paper products outer paper fluorescence material content overweight.
Report a disclosure, first cause instant noodle industry strong repercussions. In 2011, the Chinese instant noodle industry use paper container total about 10 billion copies, is food paper containers of the most consumable industry.
"Instant noodles packing can ensure safe"
The report mentioned, kang teacher, unity, this MaiLang, day, and other enterprises, instant noodles paper bowl of outer paper are not accord with national standard.
August 9,, China's food science and technology to flour product branch issued a statement: instant noodles container can ensure security. The statement said, instant noodles paper container inner paper bowl for direct contact with food, according to the country require protoplasm paper material, have enough to ensure food safety of content. And the outer layer of the bowl of standard parts, not direct contact with food, there is no food safety hidden trouble. The report mentioned enterprise, paper packaging inside the bowl is all primary paper, this international food packaging, director of the institute of dong golden lion also admitted that he thought outer package fluorescence material will transfer to the inner bowl. China's food science and technology, and report to mention enterprise does not agree with this statement. Japan - China President she is said, in Japan, foreign bowl of fluorescent agent content does not have compulsive regulation.
The food industry researcher edge the morning had told the media said that at present the outer wrapper of fluorescent agent and other material will transfer into the package of food, and the possible damage to the human body, still lack of enough research.
August 13,, kang teacher, unity, this MaiLang, nissin, cofco grain dojo enterprises gathered together, to the national ministry of industry and information, the state administration for industry and commerce departments petitions.
These enterprises to present the emergency report: to issue any investigation report should follow the scientific, rigorous, objective and fair principles, international food packaging association reports in the media, to spread a Chinese instant noodle industry caused serious damage, please as soon as possible to solve the properly.
Information release party fails in the ministry of civil affairs registration
"International food packaging association in the ministry of civil affairs for the record, but not registered in Hong Kong community, and there is no release of food safety information qualification", to the international food packaging association began to question in network communication.
Reporter verification process, in the state administration for industry and commerce website not found international food packaging association registration information, in the ministry of civil affairs website also did not see the association registration information.
The investigation of the reporter understands, international food packaging association is registered in Hong Kong society, the registration time is July 11, 2008, dong golden lion for the association of the standing vice-chairman concurrently secretary general.
Enterprise provide the data shows, the "food packaging products quality survey report, survey subject is the international food packaging association joint Beijing KaiFa environmental protection technical consultation center composed of the team.
Reporter browsing international food packaging association and Beijing KaiFa environmental protection technical consultation center web site found that the two institutions office address, telephone number the same. Beijing KaiFa environmental protection technical consultation center's official website shows that the institution as a director by dong as golden lion.
In dong golden lion through the sina certification in the introduction wrote: famous food safety experts, environmental protection expert, crack down on counterfeit goods rights fighter dong golden lion, professor, international food packaging association executive vice President and secretary general.

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