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Paper cups have New Year's day new clothes to see paper cups manufacturers how to attract consumer eye

Author : Date : 2012-12-16 16:40:14
 The biggest festival in China "Spring Festival", during a lot of businessmen who can play up to new product sales to win the market. They usually put the packing of the products do more Chinese New Year atmosphere, from packaging to attract more consumers. Let us see in advance some articles of everyday use merchants are how to prepare the throttling packaging.
The Spring Festival is the most characteristic traditional festival, during the Spring Festival, every family family, relatives and friends to visit. The most thing is to eat, drink, play. Entertain guests, now many people will buy disposable paper cup, which is not only convenient, more entertaining less wash brush. During the Spring Festival, many businessmen will to product packaging should be section, multifarious, make the atmosphere of festival in advance the preheating. Like the supermarket shelves of disposable paper cups, New Year's day is always and we are not the same as usual. Now let us together to a survey, see you how to paper cups request to meet the New Year's day!
New Year's day you will choose what kind of packing paper cups, have what demand is there?
"Will try to win sb's favor point, red packaging will be happy point?"
"Will go to the supermarket to buy, the quality is better, the packing may choose something nice."
"With more goods, the same choose it, choose quality better, if the packing will be more decent point" a aunt smiled told reporters.
Interviewed, said the Chinese New Year will use disposable paper cup, can choose to compare quality good, packaging requirements also have each different. One New Year's day, the product will also be New Year's day, it seems that many businessmen will have new launch new packaging.
The manufacturer will have "more NianWei" paper cup packaging launched New Year?
Near the Spring Festival and more than two months. Some paper cups factory have more NianWei disposable paper cups YingChunJie packing? Reporters from a big supermarket to find several brand of paper cups manufacturers telephone, ready to telephone interview.
In the telephone enquiries, several brand manufacturers, said a Chinese New Year packing disposable paper cup, but some are in the design, which said the package design have been already come out, ready to production factory is "baiyun KangBao" brand paper cups. So the random telephone interview up this company controller. (remember: a reporter, kang: white clouds KangBao person in charge)
Remember: your company has a New Year's day packing disposable paper cup?
Kang: yes, every year New Year's day we will design a few New Year packing paper cups supply.
Remember: give paper cups Chinese New Year festival packing should be what good? Sales?
Kang: every year sales are quite good. New Year's day, everyone chart a festival, is also used for everybody should pitch products. We also specially designed new packaging.
Reporter: this year to make? Can you say about this year how packing?
Kang: this year's New Year packing paper cup, we started preparing for the last month. Style has made, the packing is mainly "he nian" as the theme of the design, color color is mainly Chinese festival red. Add some more NianWei printing such as delectable characters firecrackers. Also have a few compare high-grade carton packaging.
Remember: these packing peace is any different?
Kang: common packing, we all environmental protection is given priority to, the bags are green design, New Year's day prepare packing with red give priority to, ordinary paper cups no carton packaging.
Remember: these packing is used for Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year is very few people choose to buy, you afraid after sales?
Kang: this will not, our factory brand products was in the supermarket sales are good, every year planned production, not a lot of production. A few days ago hotel supplies fair we also have display a few products, have received a few pieces of the order. So this year will continue to release of delectable version packaging. Now Chinese New Year everyone in new clothes, and all the products for Chinese New Year to lick more atmosphere, a new Chinese New Year.
Reporter: in addition to packaging design change, you paper cups will design with more fancy printing attract customers?
Kang: no, we are all production is high-grade paper cups, more suitable for home, office reception to use. May print will not be as advertising paper cups, so is relatively simple and easy design, but we sorting are very strict, very strict production requirements. Because the product quality is our brand first security, this you must do.
It seems this year New Year's day, supermarket shelves are still there will be more New Year festival packing disposable paper cup, maybe a few more tricks to attract your attention. I wonder if you are will be: which one. In this, the reporter still want to remind everybody, the choose and buy disposable paper cup should not only see the packing, more careful good product quality is three product to choose and buy!
More fresh beat know, next to pay attention to other products with New Year pack!

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