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Paper and paper products industry are four problems

Author : Date : 2013-1-1 18:02:27
 The first big problem: low efficiency distribution channels. The pulp paper industry marketing mainly direct marketing and relationship marketing is given priority to, through the salesman call fax or direct visit customers processing all kinds of business contact, high cost, low efficiency, directly influence the enterprise business coverage;
The second big problem: production system inefficient. Along with the market personalized demand promotion, product types and specifications continue to increase, the delivery batch increased, single shipments decreases, and together with supply and demand relation matching for industry informatization level is low, the market business vitality restricted, industry production and marketing system low;
The third big problem: industry standardization level of low. The lack of unified industry quality standard system and the authentication system, lack of authority of national quotation information release platform, the lack of perfect industry price index market guide mechanism, the whole industry is still in a low stage of development;
The fourth big problem: industry financing gap is so big. The lack of unified credit rating system support, lack of mature industry financing mode, paper and paper products industry enterprise mostly encounter difficulty of financing difficulties.

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