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Packaging Machinery Category

Author : Date : 2014-4-8 10:51:01
 There are several classifications of packaging machinery . By function can be divided into single-function and multifunction packing machine packaging machine ; according to the intended use can be divided into packaging machines and packaging machines ; press pack varieties can be divided into special and general packaging machine packing machine ; according to the level of automation into semi-automatic machine and fully automatic machines. Table of packaging machinery category.
A wide range of packaging machinery , many classification methods. From a different point of view can have a variety , according to the state of the product , liquid , massive, granular body cream , body , electronic combination scales packaging, pillow packing machine ; according to the role of packaging , there is the packaging, outsourcing packaging machine ; by packaging industry points, there are food , household chemicals, textiles and other packaging machines ; press packing station points, with a single -station , multi- packaging machine ; according to the degree of automation , semi-automatic , fully automatic packaging machines and so on.
Classification of packaging machines and many , various classification methods have their own characteristics and scope of application, but has its limitations. From the international point of view the overall situation of packaging machinery , more scientific classification is classified according to their main function , it can grasp the essence of things. The basic categories are as follows :
( 1 ) Filling Machine
Filling Machine is the exact amount of packaging products to a variety of container into the packaging machine . The main types are:
① volumetric filling machine. Including cup type, intubation , and plunger , level , screw , regular type filling machine.
② weighing filling machine. Including batch weighing , continuous weighing , weigh - centrifugal type, and so filling machine aliquots .
③ counting type filling machine. Including single- piece counting , multi- piece counting type filling machine.
( 2 ) sealing machine
Sealing machine is filled with containers were sealed packaging machinery, whose main types are:
① no sealing material sealing machine. Including hot type , cold type, welded type, plug -fit , folding , etc. sealer .
② There sealing material sealing machine. Including spin -formed , roll pattern type, crimping , sealing machine and other press-fit .
③ auxiliary sealing material sealing machine. Including tape -type , bond type, nail fit , ligation type, such as sealing machine sewn .
( 3 ) Wrapping Machine
Wrapping machine with flexible packaging materials , in whole or in part, will be wrapping up the package wrapper
Installed . The main types are:
① full wrap -style wrapping machine . Including kink , overlay , stickers style , seams and other wrap -type machines .
② semi- Wrap wrapping machine . Including folding , retractable , pull-out , and so wrapped winding machine .

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