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Our country paper and paper products industry into the meager profit era

Author : Date : 2012-11-19 22:48:35
 Report from our correspondent in accordance with the relevant departments to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the domestic papermaking and paper manufacturing enterprises above designated size main business income is 277.42 billion yuan RMB, a 15.87% growth year; Accumulative total profit of 12.04 billion yuan, up 3.2%, lower than the same period in 2011 growth of 8.27%.
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In the first quarter of this year, pulp paper industry enterprise sales are still at the rate of 15.87% growth, profit growth and 3.2% is far lower than sales growth. This shows that the domestic market demand for pulp paper although maintain at a high level, but the industry average profit level but began to let a person so concerned. Combined with the first half of this year the domestic pulp paper industry development trend, may have to admit the fact that the papermaking and paper products industry has set foot in meager profit era.
Paper and paper products industry in our country for overseas upstream raw materials have high dependence, the market price is subject to wood pulp wood chip, the leading international pricing and price fluctuation; Circulation chain for the middlemen dependence on high; For the expansion of the production scale desire strong, scale effect is very obvious; Serious excess capacity, in the national policy under pressure to accelerate elimination of backward production capacity...
Whether because upstream of the price hike in raw materials, labor costs, environmental protection performance cost increase, or core papermaking equipment by foreign brand absolute monopoly and external factors, are not paper and paper products industry into the meager profit era of main reason. Market excessive competition, serious excess capacity is root. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2011, the national papermaking enterprise about more than 3000, the output ranked in the top 10 papermaking enterprise production accounts for only of the national total 30% of the total production and marketing. Excessive scattered production capacity, combined with basic convergence sources of raw materials and products, will inevitably lead to the whole industry chain enterprise's excessive competition. When excess capacity after era, the price equal to the only means of competition, and ultimately lead to the industry average profit decline, into the meager profit era.
No matter whether we like to admit, industry market competition has come to selection, integration, restructuring stage, how to promote the enterprise internal core competitiveness, and in knockouts become the final winner, will be the future 2 years to 3 years papermaking enterprises urgently need to consider problems.

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