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Oreo cake

Author : Oreo cake Date : 2015-7-4 15:10:58
1 egg yolk and egg yolk were placed in the bowl of two no oil. The yolks and sugar whisk until melted, add water, whipping uniform, add oil, whipping uniform, then egg yolk liquid upper whitish in colour.
2 sieve into the low gluten flour, mix to no dry powder.
3 to kill the protein, three times with sugar. Medium speed sent after a few seconds appear coarse bubble and for the first time, change speed to kill bubble tight knit after the second, continue to speed to kill appear lines and the third, for low, side dozen the side observation, 8, 9 distribution can be.
Preheat oven to 160 degrees, with a scraper to pick one third of the protein into the egg yolk paste, stir evenly, then pick one third of the protein to the egg yolk paste, stir evenly, and then the egg yolk mixture into residual protein in and stir evenly. Into the mold, from the height of the light, the shock of the bubble.
5 into a good oven, 150 degrees to 45 degrees in the lower level, after the release, the first mold on the surface of the earthquake, then cool down, and so after the complete cooling, the cake cut into two pieces.
6 light cream and sugar, sent to the head of the egg to draw lines will not immediately disappear, first put on a piece of cake on the cream, put on a cut of good fruit, and then wipe the cream, covered with second pieces of cake.
7 and the side surface of the cake evenly with butter, without the pursuit of smooth. The Oreo cookies to sandwich, add fresh bag with a rolling pin twist into powder, sprinkle on the cake.
8 decorated with fresh fruit.

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