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Not the paper cups market is still available

Author : Date : 2012-11-9 8:11:18
 Disposable paper cup new gb from June 1 officially implemented. The standard requirements, edge distance cup body 15 mm from the cup and cup bottom body 10 mm, not printed pattern, can not use fluorescent brightening agent, etc. However, the reporter visited the city recently several supermarkets and stores found that edge and cup bottom printing pattern of the paper cups are still available, most sales personnel and consumers to paper cups gb related regulations are not familiar with.
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Reporters in the city a supermarket to see, there are ten a variety of brand disposable paper cups in the sale, mostly is 50 only, only 30, 20 just installed, price from a few dollars to tens of dollars. The outer packing products labeled the manufacturers, coding and shelf life, and other information, but the reporter did not find the current implementation of the standard "GB/T27590-2011," the words. Moreover, from the cup body to see, also does not comply with the relevant standards of the new national standard. For example, a brand disposable paper cup cup body printed full figure, obviously violates gb regulation, however, its price is located in the upper of disposable paper cups. And in inside a shop, the reporter sees a new claim sterile, clean, tasteless color paper cup body are color, also points purple, green, and blue, and so on the different style. Reporter observed, design and color is beautiful paper cups sales are good, but white paper cups for less.
"Design and color good paper cups must be more attractive, I buy disposable paper cup basically is to choose quality is good, design and relative beautiful." A young lady said. When a reporter asked about whether know new gb, the lady says no heard of. Reporters then quizzed citizens, most of the per capita said don't know disposable paper cup new gb, also is not clear edge printing will cause to the body of bad influence; Heard a few new gb of citizens, not too clear the specific content of new gb.
In the city a supermarket, a sales staff told reporters that she didn't know paper cups new gb, but recently new listed products do have never see pattern more paper cups. Reporters check a lot of disposable paper cup also found that, in the supermarket part production in June before the disposable paper cup and not up to new gb standard, and 6 month after the production of paper cups is basic of new gb standard.

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