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Middle reaches of processing trade, warehousing, logistics and other related enterprise development of the key words: transformation!

Author : Date : 2013-1-1 18:01:46
 Compared with other iron and steel industry, paper and paper products industry appears more traditional some, whether industry informatization level, industry price transparency, the standardization level of the industry is in a more primitive level, with the continuous development of the market, the product information constantly perfect public transparent, dealers, traders want to through the information asymmetry obtain excess profit model come to an end, meager profit become inevitable, the network technology and the application of e-commerce will force a paper and paper products industry development will occur a qualitative change.
Back paper and paper products industry development history, pulp paper traders are the inevitable reasons, the market for the downstream enterprise's credit sales mode, very good play the role of the capital reservoir. But in addition, traders just a porter, in the industrial chain and didn't play value-added role, along with the price and supply the information such as transparent public, factory direct sale mode will gradually rise, traders living space will receive extrusion. Move the brick, roasted seeds and nuts business model will be more walk more narrow. From pure traders transformation to provide value-added service service traders (dealer), for the downstream enterprises with trade, storage, processing, and distribution, and other value-added services, pulp paper dealers, traders are the future.

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