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Meager profit age of China's paper and paper products industry to develop new ideas

Author : Kevin Luo Date : 2012-11-5 13:48:40
 From the second half of last year start, the China iron and steel industry encountered unprecedented cold wave, the first quarter of 2012, steel industry profit margins and first present the "double negative", appear the industry losses gloomy situation, in the second quarter, KuiSunMian iron and steel industry is expanding constantly, more industrial chain related enterprises are encountering more severe test, some regional middlemen go out of business line breaks rates as high as 50%. In such a market background, it is not difficult to understand why China's fourth largest iron and steel production enterprises, sales to the calculation of the billions of wisco incredibly want turned "pig".
Comparison of the iron and steel industry the year winter, we paper and paper products industry although can't say bright summer day, but also can use gentle warm spring to describe. In accordance with the relevant departments to statistics, the first quarter of 2012, the domestic papermaking and paper manufacturing enterprises above designated size advocate business wu income accumulated 277.42 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.87% cumulative; Accumulative total profit of 12.04 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.2% cumulative. Although accumulated profit growth over the same period is lower than the same period in 2011 8.27%, but it's better than iron and steel industry's so much more pleasant to negative growth.

In the above statistics data, we especially need to focus on two sets of data. Quarter, pulp paper industry enterprise sales is still in the 15.87% double-digit growth, and our profit growth of 3.2% is far lower than sales growth, has reached 5 times the gap. This shows that although the domestic market demand for pulp paper maintained at a higher level, but we the industry average profit level but began to let a person so concerned. Combined with the first half of 2012 domestic pulp paper industry development trend, perhaps, we have to admit the fact that the papermaking and paper products industry has tight steps of iron and steel industry's footsteps, set foot in meager profit era!

Source -- the market excessive competition, serious excess capacity

Iron and steel industry and paper and paper products industry has many similarities: two industry also to overseas upstream raw materials have high dependence, the market price is subject to import iron ore and wood pulp wood chip, the leading international pricing and price fluctuation; The same with multistage distribution system is given priority to, circulation chain for the middlemen dependence on high; The same to the expansion of the production scale desire strong, scale effect is very obvious; Also met serious excess capacity, two big industries in national policy under pressure to accelerate elimination of backward production capacity...

Whether because upstream of the price hike in raw materials or labor cost, environmental cost compared to improve all right, or is the core papermaking equipment by foreign brand complete monopoly, these external factors are not paper and paper products industry into the meager profit era of main reason. Because, the objective existence of the external difficulty, is the domestic all paper and related enterprises have to face the same difficulties. Only a bit, "market excessive competition, serious excess capacity" is the root of all. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2011, the national papermaking enterprise about more than 3000, China top ten big production papermaking enterprise's production and sales accounts for only of the national total 30% of the total production and marketing. Excessive scattered production capacity, combined with basic convergence sources of raw materials and products will inevitably lead to the whole industry chain enterprise's excessive competition, when excess capacity after era, the price equal to the only means of competition, and ultimately lead to the industry average profit decline, into the meager profit era.

A way out - merger, transformation, integration

Upstream papermaking enterprise development key words: merger!

So far, "forest paper integration" train of thought has raised more than 20 years, is still a beautiful dream; The core manufacturing equipment localization way is still far away, The traditional distribution system sales model depends on the difficult to short-term breakthroughs. Product differentiation marketing strategy can only in the moonshine stage... As a result, for papermaking enterprise terms, against the meager profit era of imperial carte Blanche only "merger".

Papermaking industry concentration ascending seems to have become China's paper industry development upgrade the only way. Global markets, papermaking industry concentration can not only help to improve China's paper industry gain greater global pulp paper feedstock pricing right, but also is beneficial to concentrate more on production, improve the scale benefit, standardize trade price competition system, and avoid price war, will cost pressure to downstream transfer, at the same time, also complies with the countries do not group on the introduction of the elimination of backward production capacity, promote the environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction policy.

No matter whether we like to admit, industry market competition development has come to selection, integration, restructuring stage, how to promote the enterprise internal core competitiveness, and in this deadly knockouts become the final winner, will be the future 2 ~ 3 years papermaking business owners are urgent need to consider problems.

Middle reaches of processing trade, warehousing, logistics and other related enterprise development key words: transformation!

Compared with iron and steel and other industry, paper and paper products industry appears more traditional some, whether industry informatization level, industry price transparency, the standardization level of the industry is in a more primitive level, with the continuous development of market perfect, the product information continuously public transparent, dealers, traders want through the information asymmetry obtain excess profit pattern come to an end, meager profit become inevitable, the network technology and the application of e-commerce will force a paper and paper products industry development will occur a qualitative change.

Back paper and paper products industry development history, pulp paper traders existence has its inevitable reasons of the market, the downstream enterprise's credit sales mode, very good play the role of the capital reservoir. But in addition, traders just a porter, in the industrial chain and didn't play value-added role, with the price, supply the information such as transparent public, manufacturers selling mode will gradually rise, traders living space will receive extrusion. Move the brick, roasted seeds and nuts business model will go narrower more. From pure traders transformation to provide value-added service service traders (distributors), for the downstream enterprises with trade, storage, processing, and distribution, and other value-added services, is the pulp paper dealers, traders are the future.

Paper and paper products industry exists four problems:

The first big problem: low efficiency distribution channels. The pulp paper industry marketing mainly direct marketing and relationship marketing is given priority to, through the salesman telefacsimile or directly visit customers processing all kinds of business contact, into

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