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Macao Geography

Author : Date : 2013-9-17 11:32:48
 Macao Special Administrative Region (latitude 22 ° 11 ', longitude 113 ° 33') is located in the southeast coast of mainland China, located in the Pearl River Delta, the West Bank, East Point, that is, across Hong Kong, the Macau peninsula connected to the north of Guangdong Zhuhai, while the South is the Taipa , Coloane and Cotai composed of Oshima, an island city, yet have a formal name. The island was originally Taipa and Coloane islands, but in the Istmo Cotai, after the commencement of works, because Xijiang water reclamation and bring a lot of sediment relations between the two islands of the sea bed becomes more and more shallow, highways the land is also increasing. Authorities view of this, there will be planning to carry out reclamation works and the resulting out of the land is Cotai.
The total area of ​​Macau because of coastal land reclamation and has been expanded by 10.28 square kilometers by the 19th century
Macau Map
Further expanded to today's 32.8 square kilometers (including November 29, 2009 the State Council approved a total 360 hectares land reclamation Macau Macau New City 3.6 square kilometers), an area of ​​about 1 in Washington, DC \ 6, Singapore 1 \ 22, Hong Kong is a \ 34. Macau, including the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island. Peninsula connected to the mainland north and China to the south respectively, by Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, Friendship Bridge and the West Bay Bridge and Taipa (dàng) Aberdeen connection; For Taipa and Coloane, by the total length of 2.2 km, six-lane highway connecting coherent .
The total area of ​​Macau because of coastal land reclamation and has been expanded. Because no clear delineation of "boundary waters management," water area accounts for 0% of the whole area, 44 km coastline.
The lowest point of the South China Sea region, elevation 0 m. Highest point of the tower Tong Shan (Koloane Alto), elevation of 172.4 m.
Macau has a subtropical monsoon climate, and also features a temperate climate with an annual average temperature of about 22.3 ℃, annual temperature change in the 11 ~ 14 ℃. 2007 annual average temperature of 23.2 ℃. Spring, summer, humid and rainy, autumn and winter the relative humidity is low and less rainfall. Typhoon season is from May to October months to July to September is most frequent.
In 2007 recorded a total of 115 rainy days, with a total rainfall of 1466 mm, compared with the past 30 years (1971 to 2000), the average annual precipitation is less 565 mm; year recorded a tropical depression, a tropical storm and a severe tropical storm.

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