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JIangmen Introduction

Author : Date : 2013-10-14 16:24:16
 Jiangmen City ( the official transliteration : Jiangmen, traditional foreign language : Kongmoon) is China's Guangdong Province, is a prefecture- level city in Guangdong Province, south-central , located in the western Pearl River Delta . Jiangmen region known as the " Four Counties ", " Wuyi ." Area of ​​9541 square kilometers , of which an area of ​​1818 square kilometers of Jiangmen City . Population of 4,126,400 , of which 2,009,000 non- rural population , the urban population of 1.33 million . The city's urban built-up area of 203 square kilometers , the core urban built-up area of 139 square kilometers. Jiangmen narrow sense refers only to the raft head west , sheep east of Bridge City , Jiangmen River to the north , the first in the south of the high range area of ​​two square kilometers .
Jiangmen City is the "National Civilized City ", " China Excellent Tourism City", " National Garden City ", "National Sanitary City" , "National
Guangdong Jiangmen ( 19 )
Environmental Protection Model City ", located in the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta , near the South China Sea , adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao , convenient transportation . Overland from Guangzhou , Zhuhai 100 km , water 95 sea miles from Hong Kong to Macau, 53 sea miles . Jiangmen City, ranked western and southwestern regions Pearl River Delta and Pearl River Delta provinces, leading to the roads on the West River and the western coastal traffic choke the gateway to the Pearl River Delta economic Zone in the center of the city.
Jiangmen Pengjiang jurisdiction , ocean, Xinhui ( Third District ) and Escrow Taishan, Kaiping , Enping , Heshan four county-level cities . Which Xinhui , Taishan, Kaiping, Enping four counties known as " Four Counties " , plus Heshan called " Wuyi ." Jiangmen is pengjiang and JiangHai . Xinhui county at June 22, 2002 into the Jiangmen City, became the third district .
Jiangmen Wuyi is known as " China's first overseas Chinese ." Ancestral Wuyi Overseas Chinese , Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots reach 400 million people ( including overseas Chinese have 250 million people, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots have 153 million ) , accounting for overseas compatriots , 1/ 10 , 107 countries around the world and regions.
Jiangmen City, the Pearl River Delta land and marine resources are extremely fertile regions. The Pearl River Delta area of ​​the land area of ​​about 1/4 . The city's land area of ​​213,800 hectares available for development and utilization of 08,200 hectares of barren hills and wasteland . The city Sea ( Island ) 615 km long coastline , the province accounted for 1/ 5 , rich in marine resources , development potential. Jiangmen has a subtropical climate, mild climate, less frost without snow , sunny , evergreen . Jiangmen 's natural environment has been good guarantee , the city beautiful, Tianyuan Feng America , Guangdong Province, the first batch of green standards city.
Wuyi long history , has nurtured the famous Confucian Ming Chen Baisha , modern reformers represented Liang Qichao , democratic revolutionary pioneer Shao-Bai , China's first pilot of such notable figures such as Feng . Wuyi rich tourism resources, has many attractions, such as the Eastern Han Dynasty relics Xinhui Yu Tai Temple , Yamen ancient battlefield , Liang 's former residence, bird paradise , Chen Baisha Temple, Thich Nhat Hanh Tang tea off the coast of astronomical observation Um Temple, Taishan down Kawashima , Kaiping Li Garden , Heshan Dayan mountains , forests , Enping Feng Ru residence, Qixingkeng primeval forest, Xiema lifts Village Scenic Area .

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