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Integration, paper and paper products industry development road of the upgrade

Author : Date : 2013-1-1 18:03:03
 According to the paper and paper products industry exists four problems, only depending on government association guide, individual enterprise own exploration are difficult to short-term solution, reference other countries and domestic relative mature commodity industry development way, we can find every developing mature industry must have a relatively independent, for the industry to provide a third party, and to realize the comprehensive service industry supply chain integration industry trading platform. Relying on the spot trading, supply chain finance, industry information dissemination and certification, detection, credit with, display, storage and logistics, processing equipment and supporting services, play industry vertical transaction platform to realize the polymerization effect, pulp paper industry chain ltd.is the comprehensive and integrated, so as to fundamentally solve the paper and paper products industry existing four outstanding problems.
Based on such a background of the development of the industry, guangdong pulp paper exchange arises at the historic moment. As the world's first pulp, paper trade integrated service platform for integration on paper and paper products the industry supply chain under the burden, especially in the global economic environment, pulp paper industry downturn with meager profit era background, guangdong pulp paper exchange listed and operation are very concern.
The author from July 19, 2012 guangdong pulp paper exchange and China material storage and transportation strategic cooperation signing ceremony to know, guangdong pulp paper exchange has many domestic Banks, warehousing, logistics, the third party supervision company to establish a strategic cooperative relations, soon paper and paper products and downstream enterprise will gain pulp paper industry vertical B2B e-commerce, the pulp paper supply chain finance, pulp paper intelligent storage and logistics, global pulp paper information, and other professional third party service.
For paper and paper products such a has nearly two thousand - year history of the traditional industry, we also like guangdong pulp paper exchange can rely on advanced information network technology and modern business innovation mode, speed up the integration of industry, the traditional paper and paper products industry upgrade development power.

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