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High quality cake cup

Author : Date : 2015-3-13 20:39:18
 First, the pattern printing location:
This is the absolute protection of consumers. The reason is that the ink, using crimping cup, either solid or liquid, whether it is hot cold, must have inevitable contact and a cup mouth lips, ink once ingested, especially especially containing benzene component, is a red warning lights on health lit; is the set of cups inadvertently, also very easy to make ink rubbed against the bottom of the cup to the inside another, so the bottom of the cup can not have the pattern of the printing, need careful processing.
Two, fluorescent whitening agent and ink requirements:
Add fluorescent whitening agent, must be unconditionally meet relevant level requirements, not an arbitrary to add. Major efforts to advocate the water-based ink, UV ink, vegetable oil inks used in curling cup manufacturing, so why are the two essentials of these inks: energy saving and environmental protection. Of course this happens to coincide with the environmental requirements, is a commitment to the country, but also on a feedback of the user.

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