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Header Card Stapler,Header Card Stapling Machine

Author : Date : 2016-8-3 15:01:04

Header Card Stapling Machine Video:

Header Card Stapler Machine Detail:

After the improvement, the operation is more convenient, the service life is longer, it is accurate,

 and it can adjust the positioning device and the volume is small, the efficiency is high and the price is low. 

This machine had install 2 heads. 
Machine performance features: the machine is durable, easy to operate, beautiful appearance. 

Use the foot switch to control the release of both hands, the use of gas source control pressure, 

the cylinder head height, type of nail buckle.

 (the length of the binding can be customized according to the customer) 
Maximum binding length: 300 (MM) 
Minimum binding length: 89 (MM) 
Binding thickness: 0.2-1.5mm 
Binding speed: according to worker 
Machine weight: 50Kg

Main component:import from German

Header Card Stapler Machine – The Perfect Addition

The majority of people are going to associate the stapler with that little piece of equipment that you hold

in your office, and you almost never use because you are going to prefer joining your papers together with

a paper clip in order not to destroy the integrity of the documents. However, there is a lot of merit to using

header card stapler, and this is a solution which has turned out to be very handy in a lot of different occasions.

Right off the bat, you have to understand that there are different solutions. There are those which are operated

manually, and there are the optimized and automated header card stapling machines which are going to

make the entire stapling process a breeze.

You Need a Regular Header Card Stapler in Your Office

If you are looking to purchase a stapler for your office, you should most certainly consider purchasing

a regular manual one instead of spending a lot of money on a machine. However, you’d also have to

understand that this isn’t your regular stapler. These units are equipped with much more force of

appliance which is going to cause potential dangers. Furthermore, the Header Card Stapler Machine

is generally going to be serving a different purpose.

Header Card Stapling Machine Truly Sounds Appealing

Right off the bat, you should consider purchasing a solution of the kind if you have to staple firm

products all together. These are generally used in the manufacturing segment when the toys are packed

in a plastic bag which is then sealed with a paper header that’s stapled on the sides. As you can imagine,

there are millions of toys and other packed solutions which are going to require proper stapling.

This is going to bolster their overall appeal to people, and they would start to perceive the properly.

In any case, the header card stapler is obviously something which has a lot of applications. From

stapling random things to providing you with a properly working commercial solution you are going

to have everything that you might require. Furthermore, the Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co., LTD

is a corporation which specializes in the production of header card stapler machines which are

incredibly powerful and are going to provide you with the necessary swiftness. As it turns out,

stapling headers is one of the most time-consuming endeavors in the enterprise, and it has to be managed

properly and with consideration. Using the best Header Card Stapling machine is going to provide

you with the chance to carry out everything by heart which is going to optimize your business

and increase its value.

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