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Hainan Geography

Author : Date : 2013-9-25 0:30:48
 Hainan Island is a short history, but the scenic coastal islands, is China's second largest island. In geological time, mainland China on Hainan Island in conflict with the original, defects due to geological formation of the island.
Early Paleozoic (570 million years ago -4.4 million years ago), Leiyin Peninsula and Hainan island is a subsidence zone. Caledonian orogeny Leiqiong up into land area, forming a series of north east direction based fault and fold belt, so early Paleozoic metamorphic sedimentary strata occurred. To late Paleozoic (dating back 440 million years ago - 230 million years ago), Hainan Island land mass is relatively stable. But Indosinian movement, while promoting strong magmatic activity, the formation of widely distributed in Hainan Island, granite, constitute a mountain, also built into the foundation of Hainan Island.
Numerous previous studies scholars have recognized the geological characteristics of Hainan Island and mainland China have similarities, there may be separated from the mainland, but has not found conclusive evidence. For example in the end secede from where? How to secede? When to secede? These issues have never been answered. 2013 Some scholars give the exact answer and found eight major scientific evidence. Conclusion: Hainan Island is 24 million years ago from China isolated northern Gulf rotating drift out, Hainan Island, from its original location about 150 degrees counter-clockwise to its present location, is still left to drift in the southeast.

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