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Guilin Environment

Author : Date : 2013-9-22 17:32:14
 Guilin is in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, rich in calories, the annual average temperature is 18.8 ℃,
Rainfall, average annual rainfall is 1872 mm four distinct seasons, and two hot season. Soil is dominated by red tape red loam, pH (pH value) of 4.5 to 6.50. Suburb mostly alluvial sandy loam and soil, suitable for the cultivation of vegetables and grain, limestone distribution area eluvial brown and black limestone soil, suitable for planting dry crops and afforestation. Guilin plant communities (vegetation) has a subtropical evergreen forest within the southern edge of the wide variety of plants, from ferns species of higher plants begin to statistics, a total of 2329 kinds. Guilin Origin 1166 kinds, crop cultivation and 1163 kinds of exotic species under 247 families 969 genera. First found near Guilin in Guilin and substituting "Guilin" word named 11 species of plants. Osmanthus (Oleaceae Osmanthus, evergreen trees) to Guilin flower. Guilin, with all kinds of animals, 1,593 kinds, belonging to 60 mesh 295 families. Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Guilin Baltic fish, as a new species, is one of the cave unique and rare fish. Metal deposits are mainly hematite, yellow, brown iron, lead, zinc and so on. Non-metallic minerals are limestone, shale, marble.

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