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From the paper cups materials to paper cups printing how ability is more environmental protection?

Author : Date : 2012-11-29 11:28:09
 Because of the state environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, on the one hand, the whole society promoting cleaner production, requirement of the product whole life cycle all should realize stralegy action; On the other hand, in order to conform to the needs of green packaging, packaging requirements of product safety, health, environmental protection has a good adaptability, can save resources. The production and use of paper cups just in line with the state environmental protection policy, in paper cups instead of disposable plastic cup reduce the "white pollution", paper cups convenient health cheap sex is instead of other vessels of the key market widely. Paper cups to press utility cent cold drink cup and hot drinks cup, paper cups materials in addition to meet its packaging processing performance needs outside, still must meet its printing adapt to the performance. And in the printing technology of the many factors will meet paper cups processing heat sealing condition. Here is the material composition of paper cups, printing eligibility processing performance are discussed.
Paper cups material composition
Cold drink cup production process is the paper cup base direct printing, die cutting, molding processing, surface spray waxes for food. Hot drink cup production process is the paper cup base paper by tube membrane into paper cups paper, printing, die cutting, molding processing.
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1 paper cups base composition
Paper cups base paper is made from the plant fibre composition, its production process is generally use softwood timber forest, such as wood pulp plant fiber through the pulp board after discongesting, pulping and join a chemical materials, screening, machine manufacture paper with pulp, etc.
2 cups paper composition
Paper cups paper by paper cups base paper and plastic resin particle extrusion compound composition, plastic resin generally use polyethylene resin (PE), paper cups base paper by tube membrane single PE film or double PE film after a single PE paper cups paper or double PE paper cups paper. PE has itself non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, Health reliable performance; Chemical properties stability; Physical and mechanical performance balanced, cold resistance, Resistance to water, moisture resistance and certain resistance oxygen, oil resistance, Excellent formability and good heat sealing performance etc. PE large quantity, and the source is convenient, the price is low, but is not suitable for high temperature cooking, if paper cups have special performance requirements, the tube membrane choose corresponding properties of plastic resin.
Paper cups of printability
1 paper cups base material requirements
1.1 paper cups base paper surface requirements
Direct printing paper cups base should have certain surface strength (wax bar value was 14 a), in order to prevent in printing appear wool off powder phenomenon; At the same time must have good surface fine degree, to meet the uniformity of printing ink forme.
1.2 surface treatment before printing
You are printed base paper or basement membrane, its surface must be clean, dry, level off, without dust, no pollution, the nonpolar, surface density smooth materials such as PE, for its surface tension is low, only 29 ~ 31 mn • m - 1, but also ahead of corona treatment, make its surface state changes, surface tension increased to 40 mn • m - 1, or at least 38 mn • m - 1 above, so, printing ink to achieve certain fastness.

2 cups the requirement of printing ink
Used in paper cups of the printing ink printing requirements better fastness, prints have good acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, light fastness, won't because of these factors effect happens fade, discoloration, fall off phenomenon; The other printed matter to have good scratch resistance and gloss, half extinction sex and extinction sex.
Paper cups printing technology (except general printing technology outside of the supplementary)
1 ink composition: ink components must comply with the food hygiene law and the corresponding food packaging hygiene standards.
2 residual solvent: control residual solvent quantity is less, in order to prevent the prints produce stink, printed matter back smearing, solvent adhere to sealing in base material or the basement membrane, can cause heat sealing bad, form sealing place bonding bad or for bonding bad made roll * * * * mouth phenomenon.
3 drying temperature: ink drying temperature too much, the temperature is too high time base membrane surface will produce peroxide, cause heat sealing bad. But also to prevent the printing ink dry bad, in order to avoid stink.
4 ink and ink solvent selection: choose as far as possible the printing ink solvent can make PE film swelling or solvent water, in order to prevent the prints crimp; As far as possible choose contain can plasticize free carrier ink, in order to prevent ink film and PE film because of temperature change and produce different shrinkage rate, forming a print crimp. Curly prints the die cut into segment will produce warping, give a paper cup cup of delivery and roll opening molding difficult.
5 the environment temperature and humidity: shop humidity is too high can form prints crimp, after printing roll film higher temperature can occur between up and down two film adhesion, will also affect the processing sequence of after paper cup forming.
Paper cups processing performance
According to the paper cups processing performance and use performance, decided the paper cup base paper must have the following technical requirements:
1 strong resistance to water performance: made of paper cup without water seepage, slack phenomenon.
2 easy processing formability: when making paper cups in order to avoid manufacture process in paperboard and wrinkle phenomenon, and forming after the paper cups not changeful form, request paper cups base stiffness, high smoothness, thickness properly, easy to machining molding.
3 paper surface exquisite sex: requirements control base demand printing surface or tube membrane of PE to printing the surface roughness value, to meet the requirements of paper cup surface printing surface exquisite and sex.
4 high whiteness: do not use fluorescent agent in the premise of base paper to keep the corresponding paper whiteness, in order to ensure printed pattern clear beautiful.
5 high safety and health sex: paper cups base paper and paper cups products regularly send the local national sanitation epidemic prevention system for health safety testing, in order to ensure the use of user security, paper cups base paper accord with "food wrapping base health standard" (GB 1 1680), paper cups paper accord with "food wrapping polyethylene molding product health standard" (GB/T 9687), and at the same time, products (including special plastic particles) still need to send agencies lZDA quality testing, in order to ensure the health and safety to the provisions of the state on the sanitary standard and conform to the requirements of customers abroad.
Paper cups of food packaging materials, direct and population contact, in health must conform to the hygiene standards, paper cups made continuous molding processing of heat sealing performance and printing in PE membrane surface, which require in the printing technology must be mixed into and paper cups performance adapt to the ink composition, residual solvent quantity, moderate dry conditions and so on.

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