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Four brand tissue microbial overweight use more susceptible to infection

Author : Date : 2013-1-15 17:29:13
 Tissue has "poison", do you believe the deny? Yesterday, SMW reporters from shenzhen market supervision bureau, the third quarter tissue paper product quality supervision and spot check results show that even look clean sanitary towel, also on the health effects, this time, deep clean beautiful, benefit hundred home - have beauty, always sweet, and it was found microbial overweight, easy to cause the user contact infection occurred.
According to introducing, this common check in 34 enterprise production and sales of 81 batch products, inspection qualified products throughout 77. Among them, in the production field check in six enterprise production and batch samples, inspection qualified 10 batch; In circulation field check in and companies selling 70 batch samples, inspection qualified 67 batches.
This found that 4 batch samples are unqualified microbiology indicators. City inspect bureau analysis, the four enterprise production of paper towel is microbial overweight, because paper products belong to disposable hygiene products, in use process and the human body in direct contact, microbial overweight is very easy to cause the user contact infection occurred, which affect consumers' health.
According to the production field supervision and spot check of the main quality problems found, at present, the city inspect bureau has to check the quality of the unqualified production enterprise shall, according to law, processing, and rectification within a time limit; If the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated according to law.

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