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Feng Da in Canton Fair

Author : Date : 2012-11-1 12:13:44
 The China export commodities fair 3 period opening exhibitors common feelings from southeast Asia low cost competition pressure "made in China" difficult to call "cheap" brand

Feng da Machinery-- baking cup machine manufacturer.
The 112th Canton fair in the third phase, 31, opening, the main display textile clothing, bags, medicine and medical equipment, food and other products. As a traditional labor-intensive enterprise "cluster", export by the worst-hit areas and a period, exhibitors common exclamation face comes from southeast Asia, South Asia region competition, let made in China will not be able to sell a bargain. The reporter visits to know, in production cost constantly high background, the export situation of abnormal severe together with the RMB exchange rate again recently stronger, is let part enterprise walking in a survival.
From fair statistics show that by the end of the second period is over, the Canton fair overseas buyers cumulative number of report for 149289 people, compared with the same period last year 10.4% decline Canton fair. Afternoon 3 when, this should be the China export commodities fair people the most concentrated time, reporters walked in A zone of the pearl river marina, see customers with very few.
Why? "Our artificial is southeast Asia's artificial four times as much, the price is higher than the international domestic cotton price is high, the international shipping prices for 4 ~ 5 into, resulted in the same class product was thirty percent higher than the southeast Asia manufacturing. Just an old customer come, hear our quotation later, very sorry to leave, he says to southeast Asia purchasing". Have many exhibitors said.
"Now this year, almost half of the order shrink.

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