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Disposable paper how to choose and buy-- Feng Da machinery

Author : Date : 2012-12-9 20:21:05
Disposable paper how to choose and buy-- Feng Da machinery

 At present, disposable paper sanitary products by using up both convenient and health, and therefore is widely applied in People's Daily life. However, this kind of products such as the choose and buy and use undeserved meeting there is safety hidden trouble, such as product bacteria colony total overweight, excessive add fluorescent whitening agent and so on, these chemicals is absorbed by human body excessive, have the potential of the dangers of cancer. Therefore, shantou, inspection and quarantine personnel support for consumer choose and buy: disposable paper products, should pay attention to see whether the paper wrinkle, damaged, containing impurities such as sand, or off powder, wool, fade phenomenon.
Disposable paper products, is refers to the use of a times is discarded, and the human body, directly or indirectly, contact, and to achieve human physiological health or health care purpose and use a variety of daily life paper products (such as paper towel, paper napkin, toilet paper, paper diaper, etc.). According to introducing, aqsiq has on January 1, 2011 will be disposable paper products import and export commodities into the legal inspection list, provisions export disposable paper sanitary products without inspection and quarantine agencies are not allowed to export inspection qualified; Import disposable paper sanitary products without inspection and quarantine agencies inspection qualified no sales and use. After the implementation of the provisions, shantou inspection and quarantine on the one hand from various channels to collect the foreign latest technology standard information, laws and regulations, risk early warning and the foreign market dynamic, etc., through E-mail, SMS and other forms the first time told enterprise, to provide enterprises with consulting; On the other hand, sound and enterprise contact system, solve the enterprise in the production, import and export goods have difficulties and problems, and provides no working time service to ensure that the enterprise can be on time inspection transshipment.
Shantou inspection and quarantine work personnel warns customer, when the choose and buy should pay attention to see product appearance whether there is the following several ways: paper is corrugate, uneven; The paper to see if there is any breakage, including sand, hard block, born plasma mass impurity; The paper have off powder, wool, fade phenomenon. In addition, the product packaging and marking should include at least the following kinds: product name and trademark; Product standards Numbers; Production date and shelf life (production batch number and date of restricted); Product specifications and product quantity (sheet number or the number of groups or isolate); Product quality level and the product quality identification; Production enterprise name and detailed address.
At the same time, the inspection and quarantine workers also remind production disposable paper sanitary products enterprise, to strengthen quality consciousness, the production of raw materials should be avirulent, harmless, free from contamination, and make product microorganism and poisonous and harmful material all project detection. Disposable paper sanitary products export, enterprise should provide conforms to the importer standards and technical regulations requirements of the declaration of conformity and laboratory test report. In the import of disposable paper sanitary articles also want to notice, importers or agent shall provide conforms to our country related compulsory standards requirements and toxicology test report and qualified statement.

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