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Disposable cups is best not to install hot

Author : Date : 2014-2-17 14:12:32
 Recently, many users are reproduced in a " first cup disposable cups do not drink ! " Message. Micro-Bo said , in order to prevent infiltration, the inner wall of disposable cups are usually coated with a thin layer of wax, if the water temperature exceeds 40 ℃, this layer of wax will melt away. Therefore , the use of disposable cups , it is best not to drink the first cup of water , the water should be drained forty-five minutes after waiting to make a paper cup full of volatile hazardous substances . First cup disposable cups really can not drink?
There are differences in disposable cups package
After the reporter interviewed found that disposable cups general supermarket has sealed plastic packaging , has certificate of quality on bags, disposable cups and detailed marked with production date and shelf life and other information. But in small commodity wholesale market , many cups are not sealed packaging , paper cups mostly stacked in a long strip of plastic film bags , some in the corner of the plastic film has been broken .
" General Wholesale cups are so sold ." The boss told reporters at a wholesale , individually packaged disposable cups prices higher, "If you are to go back to the guests pour directly with such a large package on the line ." when a reporter asked with a large package of disposable cups mounted whether the certificate , the boss said, " can be used on the line, disposable cups are similar ."
Loaded hot drinks are common
" Usually there are guests to use disposable cups to entertain ." Bugs friends said, because there is a plastic smell disposable plastic cups , paper cups with so much of some . " Are generally mounted directly boiled water or tea give guests drank ."
Reporters also noted that in many public places , many office workers in the hospitality customers , but also more directly installed using disposable cups hot tea to customers. In many hot -store sales , the reporter saw , mostly using disposable cups , disposable cups than ordinary but to be thicker .
" Hot cups are usually made ​​of paper , which is to provide the store ." Of a beverage store staff told reporters , because the plastic cup hot deformation occurs embarrassing situation , " cups tend to be more thick, and insulation effect is better consumers are not likely to be hot . "
Hazardous industrial wax coated
So, in the end of the first glass of water in disposable cups can not drink ? Reporters from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering , Yangzhou University Professor at King xiao wall learned a lot of the inner wall of disposable cups now indeed there are some wax because the wax with impermeable role. If wax is used in edible wax , " for example, beeswax , then poured into a cup and hot water are not related, even if dissolved in water , is also into the human body without harm ." If the industrial wax , so it is not just the first glass of water can not drink problem, " even though many glasses of water pour a cup , or can not drink , because there are many industrial wax impurities , the human body is a certain hazards while using this cup this after class industrial materials that use a lot of glasses cleaned, the cups will still be residual . "
When placing not the best use of disposable cups too hot water , although polyethylene wax and edible material is relatively safe , but the number of the production process in the cups will use some adhesives , these adhesives have the chemical composition encounter high temperatures may be precipitated.

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