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Deprecated paper cups enlightenment

Author : Date : 2012-11-4 16:29:16
Deprecated paper cups enlightenment from Feng Da Machinery

 Not long ago to Vietnam tourism, to find out where the KFC store and China's shop has a lot different. In addition to the variety of the different outside, the biggest difference is there service reflect everywhere environmental protection idea.
Main show is: the use of drink cup are glass, this and domestic KFC store use paper cups have very different, not only can use again, also facilitate disinfection, and avoid the use of disposable paper cups cause waste; Outside the store food
Packing in only a piece of paper, reoccupy porcelain dish costumes, this country than in KFC store the carton practice, apparently to economic environmental protection much; Vietnamese love to eat tomato sauce and pepper sauce, store in each table were put two small bottles of tomato sauce and pepper sauce, how much to eat how many, and domestic KFC use bagged tomato sauce and chili sauce. Seemingly very small things, but everywhere reflect the environmental protection and saving consciousness.
In fact, the Vietnamese economical and environmental awareness in our trip often feel. For example, in the purchase from Hanoi to hue of the plane ticket, ticket agent unexpectedly with one side has used A4 paper is hit "ticket", it contains the passenger name, flight, for the amount of all information, so saving consciousness is worth advocating.

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In our primary and secondary school textbooks, the "big" to describe our country rich resources. Little imagine, according to China's 1.3 billion population calculation, China's per capita resources but little. Therefore, the conservation of resources, scientifically make good use of the limited resources is especially important.
At present abroad popular many environmental protection approach is to follow. The United States, for example, time magazine has published an article, introduces the alleviate global warming and a good idea. Including environmentalists to bring their own cup to drink starbucks coffee, HP will adopt more light printer ink cartridges packaging, wal-mart from chicken box to bottle of all plastic packaging have been reduced by 5 grams, etc. Moreover, starbucks in order to encourage everyone waste reduction, in the world each branch has offered a reward measures, namely, as long as customers bring their own cup consumption, they can enjoy environmental protection discount (China is 2 yuan). Starbucks for special statistics, every day will bring their own cup consumption of customer number, divided by day all sell coffee cup number, is "starbucks index". The index not only from a side reflects customer awareness of environmental protection and saving concept, but also has the international comparative. According to statistics, London and New York starbucks index are all 50%, while Shanghai starbucks index is only 5%. According to the starbucks in native American survey, 82% of customers voiced support for the repeated use cups, to renounce the use of paper cups. When asked about the significance of doing so, 59% of americans think it is safe for the environment. According to the starbucks coffee company calculation, in the United States, if you insist on using own coffee cup, a shop a year can save more than 6000 dollars.
Deprecated paper cups, reflects on the environment and resources protection positive attitude, in constructing the economical society development of recycle economy of today, it brought about by the positive influence will be long term.

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