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Crimping cup why volume

Author : Date : 2015-3-13 20:42:31
 Vol cup rolled edge opening and outward, and is not weakness lends wings to rumours., nor is it most probably it did not actually happen, but after careful consideration of precision design to Dali by five, enough:
1, can satisfy the primary visual demand, there is at least let people didn't hate effect than the bare naked mouth;
2, the product directly to consumers, a roll of the mouth, is to use it, and close contact with the mouth feel safe and protected and comfortable;
3, this design, another reason is that in order to improve the roll strength edge cup without use pinch flat, in addition, the liquid in the cup will not easily flow out;
In 4, hemming cup are folded together, convenient to take out to use paper cups, if the volume port does not exist, just imagine, you know, over the operation how time-consuming;
5, using crimping cup people can experience, cup of memory objects, has a volume of the mouth in, can be very good to prevent the glass from slipping hold.

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