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China's paper industry to accelerate the new round of industry shuffling

Author : Date : 2013-3-22 15:08:41
 Paper profits slumped
By paper chamber of commerce and all-china federation of industry and information center of China light industry jointly compiled the trends of development of Chinese paper industry in 2012 and 2013, has officially released. The "report" shows: China's paper industry is experiencing a "growth period", sector development has been a watershed, "good better, the bad, worse," the trend of further clear.
At present, the national paper and paper products enterprises above designated size, 7207, 2012, papermaking and paper products of investment in fixed assets of 222.09 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 15.5%. The national paper industry (including pulp, paper and paper products industry three child) to complete the gross value of industrial output 1.28597 trillion yuan, up 11.96%; Profit of 55.28 billion yuan, an increase of 8.42%.
Complex changes in the external and internal environment, in 2012 our country machine made paper and paperboard output of 113.75 million tons, production hit a record high, continue to maintain the world's first; Compared with the usual double-digit growth, 2012 annual output growth is apparent, year-on-year growth of 4.65% only; Sales fell slightly, industries such as insufficient utilization, inventories and the difficulty of falling profits. The pulp and paper industry is affected by capacity expansion and market slowdown in demand, product market prices decline, profit space is narrow, profit decline, paper profits rose only 3.61%, losses in pulp and negative growth as high as 185.56%, papermaking, especially the pulp enterprise production and management difficulties. Based on performance indicators in November, the papermaking industry 945 enterprises loss, loss of companies rose 16.38% year-on-year.
Subject to market demand downturn and industry as a whole combined with excess capacity, the overall performance of listed companies in paper industry in China. So far there have been many companies have kui announcement released in 2012. Even still remain profitable companies, including GuiTang shares companies is expected to net profit in 2012. Overall performance of listed paper companies show that papermaking enterprise production is not income, paper mills profit slumped. Many listed companies mainly rely on the government's "red envelopes" profit; In addition, some enterprises therefore withdrew from the pulp and paper industry, which is one of consolidation of the signal.
Papermaking industry is encountering a series of development problems mainly: raw material supply and demand contradiction is prominent, independent innovation ability is not strong, energy conservation and emission reduction task, enterprise scale is still small and so on four aspects.
The report argues that pulp and paper industry in the plight of both the external cause, internal cause. External cause there are two main aspects, one is the national macro economic slowdown, industry downturn, as related to the national economy is the papermaking industry, affected by a lot; Severe international industry environment, the United States, the European Union on Chinese coated paper and other paper anti-subsidy and anti-dumping investigation, restricting China's paper industry expand the international market. Internal cause excessive development, mainly is the partial products lead to overcapacity, especially in coated paper production release, market pressure ramping up.
A new round of industry shuffling
Although in 2012 the development of Chinese papermaking industry overall situation remains weak, the papermaking industry overcapacity, but the report argues that papermaking industry appeared the trend of medium - and long-term improvement, especially the "reversed transmission mechanism" elimination of backward production capacity, and the impulse of industry on the new project also cut, in 2012 or the beginning of long-term improvement trend.
"Twelfth five-year" plan, according to the paper industry development during the "twelfth five-year" will further optimize business structure, and promote merger and reorganization, gradually forming a large enterprise, small and medium-sized enterprise the coordinated development of industrial organization structure, and lead to small and medium-sized papermaking enterprises specialized, refined, special, new direction. Therefore, the paper industry merger and reorganization, intensive development tendency has been inevitable.
The report predicted 2013 paper industry into strategic adjustment: paper consumption market capacity overall growth, but growth is slowing. Market competition further intensifies, the enterprise profit decline situation will continue; Investment speed slow further, slowing down of the expansion of the backbone enterprises, excess capacity will slowly over time to digest; Industry began a new round of reshuffle, behind the small exit speed, big enterprise merger, acquisition and reorganization will become an important industry to optimize development measures. Anyhow, pulp and paper industry transfer from the speed type to quality and sustainable development track.
To this end, the report also proposed several policy recommendations to promote the development of industry. Mainly includes: establishing early warning mechanism of excess production capacity, promote the healthy development of the industry; Recovery waste paper processing trade policy and waste resources recycling VAT return. Because, adjust related policies, can further promote the structure adjustment of paper industry, promote the development of circular economy and low carbon industry.

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