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China paper cups and hand in hand to cooperate the first east China international printing and packaging sif forum

Author : Date : 2012-12-27 14:53:15
 Nanjing bo by extension exhibition service co., LTD. Held the first of the east China international printing and packaging sif forum and China paper cups nets have reached a cooperation agreement, at the appointed time, the two sides will achieve complementary advantages, the power-and-power union, the integration of exhibition platform and the Internet platform advantage resource for paper, paper cups, packaging, printing and its downstream enterprises to provide more quality services.
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In order to conscientiously implement the nanjing municipal government proposed will vigorously develop "nanjing exhibition year" activities, JianYeOu by nanjing, nanjing people's government printing industry association, nanjing bo extension exhibition service co., LTD., and at the same time and get the printing industry association of jiangsu province, nanjing packaging technology association of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, China packaging technology association, trade promotion committee of nanjing branch in support of the "2009 east China printing and packaging industry exhibition" will be held on September 9, 2009 to September 12, in nanjing international exhibition center grand opening.
As the government, nanjing city, jiangsu province key support and strive to create the "four ten" project of one of the exhibition - 2009 east China printing and packaging industry exhibition "will be displayed in an area of 30000 square meters, 1500 standard booths. The exhibition for east China six provinces and one city more than forty printing and packaging association support group, professional audience will reach to 50000 people, will make the power-and-power union in east China's largest professional exhibition. At present flaunt work are making good progress in
China paper cups portal is the only a professional paper cups portal, the website dedicated to professional, paper cup and paper cup machine, packaging, printing, packaging and printing machinery, and other professional portal website. With many years in paper cups industry played experience and efforts, China paper cups portal was founded in 2007 as an industry of China's earliest industry portal.
Let close technical support information by hangzhou become morning information technology co., LTD., independent operation in China. So far, is the only, a set and the Internet paper cups, paper cups of the latest industry most industry information, products, raw materials, product supply, procurement as one of professional paper cups industry portal. China paper cups portal will be in 3 years to become paper cups industry network marketing first brand. Welcome each big enterprise in China and paper cups.
After the cooperation of both sides in a series of field will further cooperation. To realize the maximum effect.
Both sides said, through the further cooperation, and hard, tried to Chinese paper, packaging, printing industry professional exhibition more on a level.

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