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Chef hat machine production program introduction

Author : Date : 2014-12-24 18:17:53
 Now when the chef hat machine is very wide, can be used in some of the hotel and catering industry, the need to go through what procedures for the equipment in the production process are, here let us look at a simple.
A, paper cutting
According to the users need the specifications on the need for this chef hat machine first paper cutting procedures, do not underestimate this program, is the production process for the future is very important, is the first step in the whole program.
Two, sheet fed printing
May in many catering use for this hat in order to play a propaganda role will be in the above printing on a lot of publicity ", if there is a need to do such function hat, requires that such a step.
Three, creasing and folding
When the production of hats to simple, but also the need for indentation program to the folded position, so that the large morphological hat shown by indentation and folding can.
Four, paste and forming
Finally, a procedure which is hat, paste work in the hat above the edge fold well, complete paste work after such a cook function hat was produced, has become one of the many catering workers deserve to act the role of, not only can have a definite advantage for food, for our consumers can make some more assured of food.
Making the procedure above is the chef hat machine introduction, hope everybody with this equipment can understand.

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