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Chef hat color use white key benefits

Author : Date : 2015-1-4 11:44:30
 When the chefs were wearing a tall white chef hat busy when cooking in front of, can be said to a busy face and tallwhite with a funny chef hat contrast. People have to feel our social development faster, almost all things arehappening progressive change. But for the chef hat, possibly from hundreds of years ago to now, and what did not happen big change, especially the chef hat color is white, has been.

But we know, the color white is the most can not help but dirty color. Another is the chefs work place has a lot of oil smoke, when chefs in the oven work, because regardless of summer and winter, has been on fire in the side, making it easier to sweat. Regardless of is the grease, or sweat, are relatively easy to put dirty white chef hat, another whitecolor flyblown later is still relatively good care, the more ugly, why all the time since, chef hat will use white color?

The reason why the chef hat color unchanged, mainly because of high requirement for the health of the kitchen,white hat is easy to find the dirt, so that you can promote chefs timely for dirty chef hat processing. And in so doing,the biggest advantage is that can better maintain the chefs clean image.

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