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2013 China international exhibition of corrugated sails to create splendid future

Author : Date : 2013-1-31 2:09:28
 In the first half of this year, the United States economic recovery is slow, the debt crisis did not see improved obviously, China's economic growth is also showing slow situation. Especially in the second quarter China's economy grew 7.6%, for the first quarter growth for three years "broken eight", however, into the second half of the province in western China have announced in the first half of the macroeconomic data, data showed that the western region's economy is still maintain rapid growth, all is in 10% above; And, the packing industry as an independent industry system, for the first time is listed as the national development planning, "1025" planning "the transformation to upgrade manufacturing" put forward: "packaging industry to speed up the development of advanced packaging equipment, packaging new materials and high-end packaging products".
Moreover, the packaging and printing market fast development, the contrarian packaging requirements at an alarming rate rising year by year. According to the world leading technology consulting and testing services company Pira international, which published the 2016 global packaging market and technical prospect forecast report points out, to speed up the urbanization progress, residential construction investment increasing and emerging economies such as demand increased some positive factors will promote the rapid growth of packaging industry. Among them, as the biggest packaging market categories, paper packing still occupy packaging market leading position. In 2010, the total sales of wrapper for $210 billion, 2016 will reach to 250 billion usd.
The party expo group sponsored by the China international corrugated show fully reflect this trend, with its unique innovation Angle, elaborate value-added services, a comprehensive industry information, for the majority of the audience, the buyer, and build up a convenient, efficient, communication, mutual benefit and bridge.
2013 China international corrugated show will be held on April 8, 2013-11 in Shanghai new international expo center held. Display of the world's leading professional corrugated equipment, materials and technology, is committed to through the focus on a large number of and variety of cost-effective equipment, consumables, assist corrugated factory make different purchasing decision, to provide for new products, new technology development and the market dynamic channel, structures and different suppliers highly value the unique communication platform.
The display area of 61700 square meters, more than 600 exhibitors, more than 1300 sets of corrugated manufacturing equipment and more than 1000 kinds of related materials, field technical speech and industry fair, is expected to usher in 26000 professional visitors from home and abroad, fifty several industry association support or delegation to visit.
Organizers lizhan expo group will also hold the field around the corrugated carton industry hot topics wonderful activities, content will cover corrugated carton production of each link, numerous clingy industry hot topics of the series of activities will make the audience in the browse the rich more than the exhibits, get more market information, understand the leading market situation and development trend, find and grasp the important business opportunities, and at the same time, for the enterprise to provide sharing and communication, learning and sharing important channel.
China international corrugated exhibition is a leading global corrugated packaging manufacturing event, the exhibition scale, display equipment all, display effect good are other similar exhibition is unable to compare. The organizer will provide perfect exhibition service, guarantee the exhibitors and the audience in a good atmosphere, provide convenient one-stop professional trade cooperation platform, and to promote Chinese corrugated industry further development has made important contributions.
International influence incomparable
According to the pie's international forecast 2012 global corrugated cardboard packaging material demand increase of about 4%, and then will be a year on the average of 4.4% growth in 2017, increase is expected to reach 106 million tons, the market value of about $152 billion. In this situation, this exhibition will give you invited to many new faces new customers, they are from South America, eastern Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, southeast Asia and other carton industry emerging area, in addition to the business enterprise inside procurement decision-making, more each door have purchasing influence key person, you will be in the contact to the enterprise's key decision-maker, directly in the face of your business goals.
Has always been adhering to the expo group always in the global economic integration today for the global corrugated industry to provide more extensive space. China international exhibition of corrugated the vigorous development of the global industry has been consistent attention and recognition. Asian corrugated carton association, India corrugated carton manufacturers association, Malaysia corrugated carton manufacturers association, Indonesia corrugated board industry association, Singapore corrugated carton manufacturers association, Vietnam packing association, Australia packing association, Spain packaging and printing machinery manufacturers association, ho chi minh city carton association, Taiwan paper machine industry trade association, Hong Kong tile pass paper manufacturers association, fujian packaging technology association, the zhejiang province packaging technology association of guangdong province, the packaging technology association of henan province, henan province packaging technology association, sichuan province packaging federation, chongqing packing association, guangzhou packaging and printing industry association, shenzhen packaging industry association, Qingdao packaging technology association, ningbo packaging technology association, nanjing packaging technology association industries association in various forms to participate in and support the China international corrugated exhibition, raise the power-and-power union, a multinational strategic alliance, the degree of specialization incomparable.
For the corrugated exhibition, the organizer will and sixty several well-known at home and abroad more than sixty print media and network media reported the whole house site, its main across the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, the United States, the Middle East, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries and regions, to the global corrugated industry with the latest exhibition information. And many international media to the exhibition is also very attention, through its publications and websites to conduct comprehensive report. A lot of media also will be accredited to the exhibition site, spread from the industry event.
Not to be missed corrugated packaging industry event
2013 China international corrugated show the two years again in Shanghai new international expo center held grand, will bring together more than 600 home corrugated equipment supplier and consumables manufacturer and supplier base, 8 April 2013-11 in Shanghai new international expo center held a grand, packaging and printing industry jointly interpret the annual event. The exhibition will be invited to many at home and abroad corrugated to factory. Based on

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