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2007 China (yiwu) international soft packing technology fair

Author : Date : 2012-12-27 15:11:57
 In recent years, China's soft packing industry rapid development, soft packing equipment manufacturing has become the most rapid development in our country, one of the areas in China has become the largest in the world, one of the soft packaging machinery producers in the soft bag factory printing machine, compound machine, the membrane machine processed foods and so on production commonly used equipment configuration, the proportion of domestic equipment has been far higher than other origin equipment. China plastic packaging industry equipment level constantly development and improve, CPP production technology mature, wide high speed, multilayer production were crowded into the computer control technology is widely used, and equipment, raw materials and the localization of the mature, will attract more investment to join. So that the plastic soft packing in many field plays a more and more important role, become the new development hot spot. In the whole package soft package will continue to get more market share, which covers the field more and more widely. According to statistics, packaging and printing industry annual output value is about 600 billion yuan, and at an average annual rate of 18% increasing. At present, in the national economy and a major industry, packaging and printing industry has increased to 12th.
Exhibition background
Yiwu is located in the middle of zhejiang province, zhejiang province is the most dynamic, foreign trade export the strongest area, and also one of the world's largest wholesale and export comprehensive market. At present, yiwu wholesale market mainly concentrated in yiwu international trade city, in the market, binwang market three market cluster group composition, now has a business area of more than 260 square meters, ShangWei nearly more than 60000, the market has 43 industry, 1900 categories, 400000 kinds of commodities, almost include the arts and crafts, jewelry, hardware, daily provisions, rain gear, electronic appliances, toys, cosmetics, style, rede, non-staple food, clocks, tape, Detroit, textiles, tie, clothing, etc., all daily industrial products; The city has 2.5 - industrial enterprise, and more than engaged in business talent, the development of the more than twenty of a certain scale advantage industry; Foreign enterprise in righteousness representative office 615 home, there is more than 9000 overseas merchants in yiwu, The United Nations refugee agency, carrefour Asia headquarters in yiwu market respectively set up purchasing center, Europe and the United States and other developed countries as the main export market; International business city of Hong Kong hall, South Korea museum opened smoothly, a total of 300 several overseas enterprises.
The range
A, mechanical equipment area:
Pieces blown film, stretch film equipment; Pieces intaglio printing, the printing machinery; Pieces dry compound, no solvent compound, composite extrusion, hot compound, hot melt composite equipment; Pieces paper cup machine, envelope machine, paste box machine, rewinding machine, cutting machine, bag making machine, tubers; Should all kinds of machinery and equipment spare parts and test equipment
Second, the raw materials, materials area: pieces film: PET polyester, CPP flow delay pp, BOPP two-way tensile polypropylene, PT cellophane, NYLON/PA NYLON, EVA polyethylene - ethylene acid copolymer film, Al foil, PE polyethylene film, PVDC polyvinylidene chloride film, paper, PS polystyrene, VMPET aluminized mylar, hot stamping film, ion polymer, VMCPP plating aluminum cast polypropylene film plating and silicon film, PVC film, other;
muffin cup machine
The participation fee
Stem on international standard booths:
(including three exhibition boards, carpet, wastepaper basket, a table for two chairs, two shoot the light, 220 v / 5 a power socket a)
A: the domestic enterprise 5800.00 / extension (RMB) 3 m × 3 m
B: foreign enterprise 2000.00 / extension (USD) 3 m × 3 m
Note: double opening booth charge 500 yuan/booths. (every exhibitor receives 500 yuan color advertising 2/1 edition)
Stem on indoor light ground: domestic enterprise 600 (RMB)/square metre
Foreign enterprise 200 (USD)/square metre
Note: "light" at least 36 square meters on hire, only provides the exhibition space, not including exhibition frame, exhibition, carpet, power supply, etc.
Note: this conference "catalogue") all the use of the plates, each exhibitor can choose published full-page and half edition color advertisements, and fees for 500 yuan/half edition and 900 yuan/version.
Promotion and effective organization of the audience
○ using television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites overall organization reports that integration promotion;
○ show before, during and after the fair exhibition by mass media reports omnibearing propaganda;
○ by mail, email of the way invites professional customers in the negotiation;
○ in yiwu three professional market for this congress publicity report;
○ to invite foreign enterprises, high-tech industrial park, printing bag factory, department stores, shopping malls, hotels, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, etc purchasing personnel;
○ soft package printing agents, wholesalers, dealers and purchasers; The company has established in China by foreign business institutions;
○ through the media customer resources clamp transportation preview and invitations.
Participation procedures
1, the application form by mail or fax to organizational unit;
2, apply for booth 7 days the participation fee (full) or 50% (deposit)] telegraphic transfer or delivered to organization unit, the balance in the meeting a month paid;
3, booth sequence distribution principle: "first apply, first pay, and first arrange", a unified arrangement of the booth by the organizing committee.
4, exhibitors after transferring various charges, please will bank money order by fax to organizational unit;
5, the organizing committee received booth fee, will mail or fax the application manual "to the;
6, to your organization to participate in the fair, fill in the booth application and agreement ", after the official seal by mail or by fax to the organizing committee.

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